40 Creative “Transparent Screen” Trick Photos

Here’s an easy optical illusion you can do to make your laptop or computer screen look see-through. The optical illusion of transparent screen is a simple yet effective illusion. These Illusions are created by taking a digital photo of your surroundings then place it as the desktop background of your monitor or screen. That way, they appear to have a fully transparent display.

It kinds of remind us of the The Human Condition, painted by the great surrealist Rene Magritte, who did some paintings on an easel that has been placed inside a room and in front of a window, with the painting completing the scene in the window. Below you’ll see the 40 awesome illusional effects of transparent display. Have fun making your own see-through screen illusions!

See Thru Dell | Yohann Aberkane

iPad | Willow (Chengyin)

ViewSonic | Wormtina

Double Monitor | Kogakure

iPhone Transparent | Edans

Transparent Screen Chess | Bwr

Big Brother | Makobsan

Dell Laptops | Licketyknit

Powerbook | Ryerson

Macbook | Christian C.

HP Tablet | Rev Dan Catt

My Workstation | Perspicuity

iBook G4 | Unrealitymag

Transparent PSP | Alan Rappa

iPhone Transparent Screen | Ocell

Compaq | Sxmon

Kittie | Cyberesque

Transparent Macbook Monitor | Hari Raya

Acer | Tsnaggen

Illusion | danvalger

Mp2id Transparent | Michael

Transparent Toshiba | Little Blue Owl

Inspiron 6400 | Hannjeff87

Srah Srang | 14983

Caffe a computer | Jenga d

Magic Calculator | Elisa

3rd Try | Kingofsnake

Workstation | WVS

See-thru | Jay Divinagracia

Vase | Webgrisu

Transparent PSP | Mar’s Photos

2nd Try | Kingofsnake

Transparent View | Vaguely Artistic

Play Desktop With Me | Karmen Rose

X-Ray | Scienceduck

Experiment | Baptiste Pons

See-thru Laptops | Kap4001

Zentw’s Eye | Stewart

Double Transparent | Jdurchen

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