Food For Thought: 50 Impressionable Public Awareness Poster Ads

When we think of advertisements, we tend to negatively associate them with mind manipulation of the masses for business profiteering. We tend to forget that advertisements can be used for nobler causes that deal with issues closer to home and to our hearts. I’m talking about using these ads to raise public awareness on issues such as health, public safety, and society as a whole.

Print ads may seem outdated in this digital era of ours, but through the careful designing of some of the most creative advertisers in the industry, these poster ads can still generate very formidable impressions upon on-lookers. We have collected 50 poster ads from the Ads of the World to inspire you further.

Editor’s Note: Take note that some of these posters may be graphic in nature. Please practice discretion.

Creative Public Awareness Ads, Vol. 1

Creative Public Awareness Ads, Vol. 1

You gotta admit that the world is ugly. Although World War II was more than 60 years ago,... Read more

New Zealand Transport Agency

It Looks Small Here, Slow Down

Image Source: Philip Andrew

public awareness poster ads
Surfrider Foundation

Beaches are home to some of the most beautiful scenery you will see on Earth, but they don’t clean themselves up.

Image Source: Les 6

public awareness poster ads
Chemical Melting Pot

Check out how many chemicals are found in each stick of smoke.

Image Source: Justus Luke

public awareness poster ads
Heal The Bay

Look at all the waste we create from our daily lives. Let’s watch what we throw away. Recycle.

Image Source: Hans Castro Gallo

public awareness poster ads
Projeto Arrastao

A very telling story made with two transportation lines that represent two separate lives that crossed at a bank robbery.

Image Source: Pedro Cappeletti, Flavio Casarotti & Augusto Moya

public awareness poster ads

Your life literally fades away with every puff you take from a cigarette.

Image Source: Justin Hampton

public awareness poster ads
Ban Landmines

You don’t have to check for landmines in your home, but they do.

Image Source: Gavin Whitfield & Sammy-Jane Thom

public awareness poster ads
Silence Hurts

Sometimes, even though they can’t ask for help, it doesn’t mean they don’t need it.

Image Source: Joao Espirito Santo

public awareness poster ads
Skin Color

Your skin color shouldn’t dictate your future.

Image Source: Olivier Altmann

public awareness poster ads
Stop For Flashing Red Lights

Kids should have to brave the way to school.

Image Source: Kevin Barclay

public awareness poster ads
Smoking in Dublin

It’s amazing how something this small can amount to such a huge problem.

Image Source: Ger Roe

public awareness poster ads
WWF: Deforestation

With all the efforts we put into saving an endangered species, sometimes the threat may come from destroying their home.

Image Source: Francesco Taddeucci & Luca Albanese

public awareness poster ads
Turn it Off

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to stay on.

Image Source: Antonio Montero

public awareness poster ads

6000 species of wildlife disappear as desert areas grow.

Image Source: Carlos Jorge & Felix Del Valle

public awareness poster ads
WWF Marine Protection

Somehow, corals made from plastic spoons can’t beat the originals.

Image Source: David Guerrero

public awareness poster ads

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