20 Creative Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Inspiration

Weddings in general is a serious matter. There are vows and commitments, tears of joy and sadness, and for most it is a promise for the future that is cemented in that one special day. Then, there are these newlyweds who let loose their sense of humor and have fun with their creative wedding cakes and more adorably their wedding cake toppers.

Today we’re going to showcase not the typical, average, cut from the cookie-mold bride and groom toppers, but 20 funny, hilarious and creative wedding cake toppers. Personalized and custom-made cake figurines showcase the love-and-hate relationship between the bride and groom, which helps get the marriage off on a strong footing. Just have a look and you will see what I mean.

Hooked on Love

Just Married (With Wedding Car)

Gamer Addict Groom

Balloon Ever After

Workaholic Bride

Biker Newlyweds

Hot Air Balloon

Plane Wedding Topper

Weight Lifting

Romantic Dip

Drunk Wedding

Golden Retriever Cake Topper

Bride and Groom, and Vintage Bicycle with Banner

Couch Potato Groom and Exasperated Bride

Western “Roped” Groom

Bride Kissing A Frog

Accoutrements Unicorn and Horse

Zombies Bride and Groom

Runaway Bride

Drunk Bride & Groom


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