20 Creative Coffee Cup Designs You Need To See

No coffee, no workee – nothing wakes you up better than a cup of Joe. You are probably on a cup right now. It’s the nectar of Gods that get you up and running early in the morning, and serves as fuel for the rest of the day. Since many coffee lovers grab their java to go, coffee cup design is the best way to stand out from the crowd and promote your brand to the outside world.

Moreover, most customers will choose bright, vivid coffee cups compared to white boring ones. Today we have put together 20 creative coffee cup designs to give both designers and coffeeshop owners a fresh new way of coffee packaging.

Sweet & Freezing by Mauracio Cardoso

Mokkaccino Crafts by HiredMonkeez

Illustrated Coffee Cup Design by Steve Simpson

LaBaguette – print visual by Tomas Muller

Caribou Coffee by Anna Giacomini

Double coffee by Karolina Kedzierska

Cialven Coffee by Carlos Jiménez

Coffee Cup Mockup by Graphic Soulz

Coffee Time bag and cups by Studio43

Take Away Cup by Yoann Mallet

Coffee Cups by Alex Litovka

Starbucks Coffee Cup by Oksal Yesilok


Dripp Hot Paper Cup by Salih Kucukaga

Coffee Depot / Packaging by Phil heroux.Designer

Dress Your Cup by Greg Ballard

Throttle Coffee by Jeremy Wallace

SIS. Deli + Café by Rasmus Snabb

My Sky is Raining Coffee | T-shirts, Cup Design by Fatima Alghafli

Demitasse Creamery by Emily K Armstrong