10 Alarm Clocks to Wake You Up Creatively

We certainly love to sleep — to some of us, sleep is a luxury; to others, it may even be a hobby or a favorite pastime. A common problem for almost everyone you know in this generation would probably be to wake up in time! Be it for work, class, meetings, or the day’s activities, the alarm clock is a must-have item in the bedroom.

But if you’re bored with the mundane ringing, hand-sized clocks that you can easily throw out the window to shut up, then you are going to love this list.

Heavy sleepers and late night gamers, pick your challenge from the alarm clocks below. No matter what has been keeping you up late at night, we have for you 10 creative alarm clocks that will help jolt you out of dreamland in very unorthodox ways

Shape Up Alarm Clock ($19.99)

Ladies, this Shape Up alarm clock is absolutely the best gift for your lazy partner. Work out while you try to wake up by swinging this heavy little friend up down 30 times to stop the alarm. I’m not sure how long this one will continue being your daily alarm clock before ending up thrown out the window.

shape up alarm clock
Target Alarm Clock ($18.99)

If you are a sucker for shooting games, you must try this Target alarm clock. The rules are easy: the clock will sound the alarm based on the time you set, and you need to stop it by using the laser target gun to shoot the bullseye. To help make you aim better, you should try putting your ex’s photo there. Just a thought.

Clocky Robotic Alarm (69.99)

What better way to wake your sleephead up than to make you run around after a small, fast, noisy thing like this little gem. Clocky, with its all-terrain features, will escape from your night stand, and run around your room while making the annoying beep-beep sound until you catch it and turn it off – or kill it with fire. For the heavy sleeper, you’d probably need more than one.

clocky robotic alarm
Flying Alarm Clock ($26.28)

Here’s one to make you at least open one eye at the sound of the alarm. Why? You need to watch where the key to the alarm clock is propelled to, silly! Flying alarm clock is committed to wake you up by making its propeller fly off the alarm.

With the frightening alarm sounds blaring throughout your room, and possibly your flat too, you have to quickly retrieve the propeller (the key) to lodge it back to the clock to make the sound stop.

flying alarm clock
Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock ($31.80)

If you think that you can still out-sleep most of the alarm clocks above, you’d probably have to crank the sound up a notch or two. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is intentionally designed for mega-heavy sleepers because if 113 decibels (louder than a rock concert) isn’t able to wake you up, nothing will.

Note that regular exposure to these levels of loudness can make you permanently deaf so you might want to go further down the list for a better alternative.

sonic boom alarm clock
Banclock ($116.86)

Here’s another creative way to wake up. The Banclock will only stop ringing if you put a coin in it. It’s the perfect way to make sure that you save some money every single day. Honestly, I don’t know how this could wake you up but it is a great alarm clock for kids who are finding it hard to save their pocket money.

Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock (324.99)

The Nixie Ramos alarm clock will ring for ten seconds, then give you one full minute to figure out the code (hint: it is the date) before the alarm goes all out with the task it’s made to deliver. The defuse panel can be placed anywhere, so it’s best to put it far from the bed. No more deactivating of alarm clocks straight from the comforts of your bed.

nixie ramos alarm clock
Philips SmartSleep

Unlike other alarm clocks that wake people up through different sounds, Philips SmartSleep will wake you up with light. It stimulates sunrise and sunset as a part of the light therapy that helps improve your sleep and wakes you up felling more refreshed.

Philips SmartSleep
Mirari OK to Wake!

An alarm clock designed specially for children, Mirari tells kids when it is OK to wake up. It features a nap timer and cute animations that interact with your kids to teach sleep and wake timings.

Mirari OK to Wake
LittleHippo Mella

This cute little guy MELLA uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kids when it’s time for bed and time to wake up. It has sleep sound options and night light colors to soothe your child to sleep and alarm sounds to wake them up.

LittleHippo Mella