Create Carbon Fibre Pattern In Photoshop

I’m pretty sure you know what carbon fibres are. Here’s how you can create a carbon fibre pattern and use them in any designs, all with Photoshop.

1. Create Carbon Fibre

Create a new canvas with the size of 4×4 px, zoomed it to the max so you can easily fill the colors and insert the colors exactly like the color table below.


2. Define as Pattern

Click Edit -> Define Pattern and give it a pattern name. (Carbon Fibre for instance). Click OK to save it as a pattern.

3. Using Carbon Fibre Pattern

To test the carbon fibre pattern, create a new canvas with bigger size, 500x400px would be good. Click on Edit -> Fill (or Shift + F5), choose the carbon fibre pattern created just now, click OK and fill the section up. Here’s how your carbon fibre background should looks like:

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