Set Timer and Countdown to Any Events With This App

Nothing generates anticipation quite like a countdown timer, so why not get one for your iOS or Android device that lets you set one for an upcoming event by way of the aptly-named Countdown.

Developed by the folks responsible for, Countdown is an app that lets you set up countdown timers for various events that are about to happen.

Setting up a countdown is as simple as naming said event and inputting the time and date in which the event will happen. The app lets you set multiple countdown timers as well, allowing you to set a week’s worth of events in one go.

next countdown

Once saved, the app would initiate the countdown. As the countdown approaches zero, the app would send you notifications to remind you that an event is about to begin. For those on Android devices, you’ll be pleased to know that Countdown also comes with widgets that can be placed on your Home screen, allowing you to check your event without even needing to launch the app.

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