Designer Gifts to Reward Yourself With in 2015

With all the wishlists going around about gifts you should get for the people who meant something to you, we are always forgetful when it comes to rewarding ourselves. So here is a post that is dedicated to our readers who are also designers.

We’ve looked up a list of fun and cool items that you can get yourself this end of the year, for a job well done. This is a collection with a bit of everything, composed of things that are both pretty to look at and functional, helpful and fun to use; some reek of nostalgia as well as those that are reflective of today’s modern needs.

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MOS Cable

MOS is an elegant cable organizer that uses magnetism to keep magnetic items like cables and flash drives together. [$29.95]

The Napkin Art of Tim Burton

From the director of Alice in Wonderland and the illustrator of the award-winning "The Art of Tim Burton", comes a mini compilation of his thoughts and ideas sketched conveniently on napkins. [$19.99]

Tofu Desk Organizer

Even in the digital age we need our pens and pencils and other stationery within reaching distance. Get this elegant-looking desk organizer crafted from a solid maple wood with 6 detachable cubes for organizing your desk or workspace. [$89]

Scribble Pen

For someone who sketches in colors inspired from the world around them, Scribble Pen is the ideal tool to work with. It is an electronic pen that captures color from objects via its RGB color sensor, then transfers that to paper with water-resistant ink. A digital smartpen is also available. [$249]

Duncan Shotton Sticky Page Markers

Do you bookmark the last page you’ve read in a thick book? Well if you ever need to bookmark more than one important part of your textbook or guidebook, then you just might love this series of page markers. You might be creating a whole new storyline on top of your books. [£3.45 per marker]

Bamboo Spark

Bamboo Spark is a folio with a smart pen. Just place a piece of paper and write or draw with the smart pen. The smart thing about this is that the pen will log in your strokes and make it available digitally. Transfer your thoughts to paper and to the cloud. [$159.95]

Super Mario Bros 12 Die Cut Cards

The 8 bit versions of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach of Super Mario Brothers are available as nicely designed die cut note cards. [$12.36]

A Visual Guide to The Comic Book Universe

If you like comics and infographics, then this is the book you should buy. The 200 pages of this book contains lots of enlightening infographics about comics including manga. [$14.99]

Pulp Memo Pad

Here’s a nice looking memo pad made from 380 pages of recyclable paper, with conveniently placed holes for storing your pencils, sharperner, paper clips and eraser. You have all you need to start storing all your lightbulb ideas. [$67]


A 3D printing pen which lets you draw in 3D. The pen releases a heated plastic filament that cools immediately in room temperature and morphs into the desired shape. You can use it to create structures in 3 dimensions, on the spot. [$99]

Scrabble Typography

The traditional game of Scrabble gets a remake in typography, making it the perfect gift for typography designers. The set has tiles engraved with letters in 12 beautiful fonts and a custom-designed scorepad. [$49.99]


CUJO is the ultimate blanket protection you can get for your smart devices at home to prevent your accounts, finances and home privacy from being hacked. [$49]

Family Tree Canvas

Want a personalized family tree? You can order one that carries all the names of your family members (including your pets!) as a keepsake for the holidays. The family tree canvas that is created can be mounted on a shelf or wall. The large version is 60 cm by 40 cm, while the smaller one is 40 cm by 32 cm. There are 25 background colors to choose from. [£69.95]

Pulp Watercolor Graphite

This classy portable set of watercolor graphite, a soft watercolor stick and a mini brush is a perfect elegant gift for a designer who still like to dabble with painting. [$75]

Rewind Desk Tidy

A desk organizer that looks like a cassette tape. This perhaps would make more sense to a designer who know what a cassette tape was used for. [$28.95]

Adobe Ink and Slide

Not everyone can fingerpaint on the iPad, so for a more "fluid" sketching session on the iPad, how about getting this Adobe Ink Stylus and digital ruler? [$69.99]

Letter-Shaped Books

These letter shaped books are about 7.5″ tall with gold-embellished spines and an artful cover. They make for great shelf decorations if you don’t feel like scribbling your ideas in them. [£19.95]


Make designs tangible with a personal 3D printer. Cube is a visually pleasing and reasonably sized 3D printer from Cubify. You can print over WiFi or using a mobile app to print from mobile directly. [£120]

Colour Dip Table

A minimalistic three-legged table with a smack of color adds a nice touch to any living space. The table is ideal for placing your phone or for keeping drinks off your workdesk. [£120.00]

Freakish Clock

If you have a friend who has no use for time, since they work whenever their muse comes for a visit then this freakish clock design is perfect for them. As you can see, this clock minimizes the concept of time to the hour point. Do minutes even matter anymore? [€79]

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