Find Daily Interface Design Inspiration with Collect UI

How much time do you spend scouring the web for quality design galleries and UI design ideas? It’s a big part of the design process and most designers rely on inspiration to organize their ideas and craft interfaces that work well.

The Collect UI gallery is a free online source for daily UI design inspiration. Currently it has over 6500 entries and it’s frequently updated with new content all the time.

collect ui homepage

In the sidebar you’ll find categories you can use to filter different interfaces. These relate to the types of interfaces like search fields, shopping carts, and user profiles.

But you can also do a search with specific keywords if you’re looking for design styles like material design, or if you’re looking for interfaces that have other features like UX animations.

This is one of the largest interface design galleries and it’s growing larger every day. However this is not a source for real-world interface inspiration. All entries are curated from Dribbble and they link back to the original designer.

You can even browse designers who have been featured on the site to see all their shots in the Collect UI gallery.

collect ui designers list

This incredible design resource is unique and general enough that it can apply to all designers. Whether you’re creating a newsletter, a website, a mobile app, or a desktop program, there’s bound to be inspiring content somewhere in this site.

And if you want to submit something into Collect UI they even have a submission page. Note it only accepts URLs from Dribbble so you’ll need to find content that’s high quality and valuable to the Collect UI website.

But even if you’re just looking for cool ideas this is the site to browse. Most designers don’t have a Dribbble account and when you search on Dribbble you’re limited to 30 pages only. With Collect UI you have an endless archive of amazing Dribbble shots with a wide variety of design styles and plenty of ideas to go around.