Boost Your UI Skills With Designercize’s Random Prompts

The best way to improve anything is through repetition. This is true for coding and just as true for digital design.

If you want to get through lots of practice then you’ll need ideas. That’s what Designercize offers.

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It’s a free design prompt tool that spits out project ideas for designers. You can randomize ideas for different UI concepts and then get to work.

Designercize homepage

As a website I think the interface is a bit… strange. It can feel clunky if you’ve never used it before.

However Designercize has some really great prompts that can be truly valuable to newer designers and more experienced designers alike.

To start you just click the “reload challenge” button on the side. This will auto-generate a design challenge with three different pieces:

  • The type of interface
  • The type of project
  • And the target audience

So you might randomize a project to design a search results page for a shopping website targeted towards sports fans. Perfect!

This gives you a nice starting point to dive in and create a mockup without needing to give yourself the project. It’s almost like a made-up client that can task you with dozens of unique practice projects to improve your UI design skills.

Sample design prompts

Note you can also pick between three different levels of difficulty that raise the complexity of each random project.

This way you can start small and build up if you’re brand new to interface design.

And there’s even a timer in the bottom-left corner so you can time yourself on each project. Anyone who wants to see massive growth in their design skills will love the random prompts Designercize has to offer.