Search Through Your Chrome History With Deeper History

Tabbed browsing is an ingenius idea. All you have to do is open all your links in a new tab and you can let the tabs load in the background while you read your article or watch your video on any single loaded tab. However, when it comes to revisiting a site that you have once read, finding and retrieving the link from your Chrome browsing history is a pain. In this case, you’ll need a plugin called Deeper History.

With the Deeper History Chrome extension installed, you can easily search for any words that you remember reading within the contents of the page and navigate to that webpage. Deeper History is great for people like researchers or students who comb through a lot of content on the browser. It’s easy to use and secure as well. Here’s our short take on Deeper History.

Using Deeper History For Chrome

Deeper History only starts working after you install it, so if you’re looking to search for something before it was installed, you’re out of luck. However, once installed, it works in the background and creates a database of random words within the content of your history.

To search for something, all you have to do is type dh on the address bar and press tab twice until the Deeper History search engine appears. You can then begin typing in words to search through the content of your browsing history.

Deeper History

It will search through the secure database it has created to help you find the webpage that you opened days ago. The database it creates is saved locally on the computer you’re using and isn’t uploaded to the cloud, thus ensuring your web browsing privacy.

You can also view what it saves by going to the Deeper History search engine and typing in .db then hitting Enter. You can securely delete this database by uninstalling Deeper History.


And that’s that! Deeper History is a great extension to enhance the search of your web browsing history on Chrome. Do note, however, that you may not be able to find the page you want sometimes.

This is because due to limited space Deeper History doesn’t save the entire text content of a webpage, it only saves random words and sentences within a webpage. Being able to retrieve the page you want based on the random word the plugin saves is practically a game of chance. The question now is, do you feel lucky? Let us know if it worked for you, in the comments section below.