Boost Productivity with Xtrafinder: Tabbed Browsing & Finder Shortcuts

Have you ever thought about enhancing your macOS’s Finder with more features and functionality? That’s where XtraFinder comes into play, a potent productivity tool specifically designed for Mac users. From Tran Ky Nam, XtraFinder infuses your native Mac Finder with an impressive list of robust features aimed at streamulating your workflow. This software adds tabs, hotkeys, and a slew of other utilities to the pre-existing Finder interface, transforming your Mac into an even more powerful workhorse.

For professionals and individuals seeking to optimize their productivity levels on Mac, XtraFinder presents an innovative solution. It’s not merely about adding new features; it’s about creating an efficient work environment that feels intuitive and highly customizable. From dual panel and dual window modes for easy file management, to the ability to customize color schemes and folder layouts, XtraFinder offers an unprecedented level of control over your Mac Finder. Stay tuned as we delve into the nuts and bolts of how this software can redefine your Mac experience and ultimately boost your productivity.

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Setting up XtraFinder

Firstly, you need to download and install XtraFinder. Once you’ve installed it, open XtraFinder from your Applications folder. You’ll see there are a multitude of settings you can adjust.

Several standout features include the ability to use the middle-click function to open a folder in a new tab, using backspace to go back to the previous page, and the inclusion of a ‘Go Up’ button in the toolbar that allows you to move up one level in the folder tree.

XtraFInder Options

Additionally, you can activate a dual panel view in Finder to quickly move and compare files between two folders. You can do this using the keyboard shortcut Command + U.

XtraFinder Dual Panel

Given the wide array of customizable settings, it’s worth exploring and experimenting with them all to find which options are most suitable for your needs.

XtraFinder Keyboard Shortcuts

XtraFinder includes customizable keyboard shortcuts. If you find a particular shortcut unhelpful, you have the option to completely disable it to avoid any disruptions during your work. Alternatively, you can reassign that specific key combination to initiate a different, more useful shortcut.

XtraFinder Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are these default keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcuts Descriptions
Command + T Open new Finder tab.
Command + W Close current Finder tab.
Command + N Open new Finder window.
Command + U Enable dual panel.
Command + Shift + T Re-open last Finder tab.
Command + Shift + W Close all Finder tabs.
Control + Tab Switch to next tab.
Control + Shift + W Switch to previous tab.

More XtraFinder Tips

Here are a few more tips to become an expert XtraFinder user.


  • Middle click on tab to close tab.
  • Right click on tab to navigate folder tree.
  • Double click on tab to enable/disable dual panel with following tab.


  • Dragging folders to tab bar opens it in new tab.
  • Dragging folders or files to a tab moves it to the tab’s folder.
  • Dragging tabs out of tab bar opens it in new Finder window.
  • Dragging tabs from one Finder window to another merges it to the tab bar.