How to move address bar to the bottom in Google Canary

Apple has their hidden one-handed keyboard and now Google may be relocating their address bar to the bottom of the screen via “Chrome Home”. Currently available only on Chrome Canary, ‘Chrome Home’ would relocate the address bar and tabs browser to the bottom of the screen.

address bar at screen bottom

This move makes sense: with the address bar at the bottom of the screen, the user will no longer need to stretch their fingers all the way to the top of the screen (which matters in larger phones and tablets) to access browser options.

So far Google has not made this officially available, so the only way you can try it out is to download Chrome Canary at the Playstore then type in the following in your address bar:


Once the page fully loads, enable Chrome Home. After that, the app will automatically restart, and you’ll see the address bar repositioned to the bottom of the screen. Let us know if this works for you or if you’d like to keep things where they’ve always been.

enable chrome home

The feature itself isn’t perfect of course, as the relocated address bar leaves a white space at the top the page where the address bars and options used to be. However, as this feature is very much still in its early stages, the flaws will be fixed in due time.