How to Browse Your Facebook Like Pinterest

I’m sure you’re already familiar with Pinterest, one of the fastest-growing social networking sites to date. It connects people not only through their network of friends but also through their shared interests. While Facebook offers excellent virality, Pinterest provides its targeted audience with greater content exposure, enhancing the content-sharing experience. Facebook’s Timeline for Brands may have its benefits and appeal, but if you’ve ever wished it was as user-friendly as Pinterest, then we have good news for you.

In this quick tip, we’ll guide you on how to use Pinvolve, a Facebook app that automatically rearranges and refines your content presentation to mirror the style of Pinterest. Additionally, the app will add a pin button to each piece of your shared content, making it easier for your fans to share your featured content on Pinterest.

Convert your Fan Page into Pinterest style layout

To get started with the Pinterest-like layout, go to the Pinvolve Facebook app page and click on the button ‘Add to my page’.


You will be given an option to select which page you want to add this feature to. Assuming you have more than one Facebook Page, then you need to select the pages you want to convert, and click ‘Add Page Tab’.

Add page tab

That is all you need to do, and now your page is ready to be viewed in Pinterest-style. You can view our page which went through the Pinvolve treatment here.

Pinvolve Hongkiat

At this point, you will notice from the main Facebook Brand Timeline page, a new icon tab just below the cover photo like so:

Hongkiat Timeline

Any time you need to view your Timeline in Pinterest-style, just click on the Pinvolve tab.


Facebook already has the virility to reach large audiences, but with the Pinvolve app, you could expand your reach to Pinterest users as well, and increase your brand awareness across two booming social networks.