20+ Cheatsheets & Infographics For Bloggers

Blogging, or more specifically writing, is a daily routine for us, here in hongkiat.com. In the process, we’ve accumulated a lot of resources that would be real helpful in jumpstarting one’s blogging career.

If you want to start writing your own blog, you can always check out the tons of materials we have on blogging, plus this amazing list of cheatsheets, infographics & resources you don’t want to miss.

The cheatsheets here help you write and promote your content, understand how to work better with free blogging services such as WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, and we also have cheatsheets on basic HTML, CSS and Markdown to help you create beautiful blog themes.

13 Infographics To Understand The Blogosphere Better

13 Infographics To Understand The Blogosphere Better

Not too long ago, we showcased the best infographics about social media that we could find on the... Read more

#1 – The brain of a blogger
Blogger Brain
#2 – 8 Secrets To Writing Faster Blog Posts
Write Faster Blog Posts
#3 – 22 Ways To Create Compelling Content
Create Compelling Content
#4 – 12 Things To Do After You’ve Written A New Blog Post
Blog Post
#5 – 30 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts
30 Ways To Promote Your Blog
#6 – Beginners Guide To Guest Blogging
Guide To Guest Blogging
#7 – Blogging Checklist
Blogging Checklist
#8 – Writing For Bloggers – A Quick Guide On Style, Substance And Strategy
Blog Writing Guide
#9 – Blueprint For The Perfect Blog Post
Blog Post Blueprint
#10 – WordPress Most Popular Plugins
WordPress Popular Plugin
#11 – 20 Most Effective Way Of Doing WordPress SEO For Small Business Site
20 Way Of Doing SEO
#12 – WordPress Security Infographic
WordPress Secrutiy
#13 – WordPress Cheatsheet
WordPress CheatSheet
#14 – How To Speed Up WordPress And Boost Site Performance
Speed Up WordPress
#15 – WordPress SEO Cheatsheet
Wordpress SEO
#16 – The Anatomy Of A WordPress Theme
WordPress Theme
#17 – WordPress Cheatsheet
WordPress Cheatsheet
#18 – Markdown Cheatsheet
Markdown Cheatsheet
#19 – Basic CSS
Basic CSS
#20 – Dreamweaver Keyboard Shortcuts
Dreamweaver Shortcuts
#21 – Basic HTML
Basic HTML
#22 – Google Analytics Cheatsheet
Google Analytics Cheatsheet
#23 – Tumblr Cheatsheet
Tumblr Cheatsheet
#24 – Blogger.com Template Cheatsheet
Blogger Cheatsheet