13 Infographics To Understand The Blogosphere Better

Not too long ago, we showcased the best infographics about social media that we could find on the net. This time round, we’re going to show you how infographics can enhance your knowledge of the interconnecting world of blogs which we call ‘blogosphere’. As the popularity of blogs increases, bloggers wish to know how they can draw more crowds to their posts or the entire site. Some may hope that they can earn more revenues from advertisers, while others are mostly concerned with the best method of sharing themselves with others. Regardless of the reason, it definitely helps to review information of your blog distributions, readers’ trends, the blogging economy, etc. There’s no better way to represent complex information like these in a visually pleasing infographic.

We’ve compiled a neat list of infographics pertaining to blogging and the blogosphere, in the hope that bloggers (and potential ones) like yourself will acquire new knowledge about the blogging universe and perhaps improve on your site. At the very least, we hope these enticing infographics will make you feel intrigued about how far blogs have come along on the net. Enjoy!

Note: This article was first published on: Feb 16, 2011
The Evolution of The Blogger

If you ever wondered how blog started and become what it is now, check this out. You’ll be amazed to know how many different kind of bloggers there were in the span of two decades. (via Flowtown)

Infographic about blogosphere
Who’s in the Blogosphere?

Numbers and more numbers… except that it’s presented in colored charts and bars. This infographic is a detailed breakdown of the profile of U.S. bloggers. (via Flowtown)

Infographic about blogosphere
Anatomy of a WordPress Theme

This piece of infographic is your crash course on how WordPress works. If you’ve been so busy with blogging and don’t have time to figure out how your blogging platform works, just take a quick look at this. (via Yoast)

Infographic about blogosphere
State of the Blogosphere in 2010

Blogosphere represented as a universe of planets within a galaxy. Well-suited for the vast nature of the blogging community. (via Infographic Lab)

Infographic about blogosphere
The Power of WordPress

A general introduction of how the WordPress has evolved over the past seven years as well as numerical and chart representations of various WordPress statistics. (via Testking)

Infographic about blogosphere
The Most Popular Design Blogs

A breakdown of a number of popular design blogs on how many Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans each one has. (via Testking)

Infographic about blogosphere
Search Benefits of the Blogosphere

A simple infographic promoting the benefits of the blogging community using cutesy birdies on a tree. (via Elliance)

Infographic about blogosphere
Self-hosted WordPress.org vs. Free WordPress.com

Potential bloggers: Unsure of what kind of WordPress platform to choose? This comprehensive comparison between self-hosted platform and free WordPress will help you in your decision. (via WPBeginner)

Infographic about blogosphere
Ultimate Guide to Upgrade WordPress

WordPress bloggers will love this clear and clean flowchart detailing the steps to upgrade and safeguard their blogs. (via WPBeginner)

Infographic about blogosphere
Which Blogging Platform Should You Use?

A survey of bloggers’ preferences for blogging platform. WordPress emerged as the winner. (via WPBeginner)

Infographic about blogosphere
The Blog Economy

Substantial infographic that profiles the income levels of bloggers, blogging habits along with social media usages. (via Grasshopper Group)

Infographic about blogosphere
The Blog Tree

Using a tree its leaves as a representation of popularity of a range of blogs, this infographic is indeed one-of-a-kind. (via JESS3)

Infographic about blogosphere
Corporate Blogging: The Infographic

Infographics can do wonders like compressing a book like Corporate Blogging for Dummies into a flat piece of paper with all the key words atop. (via Marketing Technology Blog)

Infographic about blogosphere
The Journey of a Successful Blog Post

A straightforward step-by-step process for any blog post to be get its well-deserved crowd. A must-see for all aspiring bloggers aiming to shoot his or her blog to fame. (via HowToMakeMyBlog)

Infographic about blogosphere