40 Beautiful and Colorful Blog Designs

Bright colors can scare off a lot of web designers, especially when you use a few of them together. It takes more care and precision to create a design that uses eye-popping color well, without being overwhelming or looking amateurish. And if you’re combining contrasting colors, extra care needs to be taken to prevent your design from being jarring.

The blog designs featured below make excellent use of bright colors. Most use multiple colors together, though a few take a more monochromatic approach. Some are set against dark backgrounds; others are set against white. And in case you don’t want to jump into an original design like these, there are a number of blog templates at the end that uses similar bright color schemes.

Here are more examples of beautiful blog design we’ve previously showcased:

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Original Blog Designs

The sites below are original, one-of-a-kind designs, perfect to lend some inspiration to your own designs.

WebDesigner WallWebDesignerWall’s site uses a wide range of colors and a hand-drawn design. It’s artistic and fun, a perfect look for the site’s content.

Web Design HobartWeb Design Hobart uses a bright watercolor design for its background with lime green accents, while the rest of the site’s design elements are a bit more subdued.

Brija.comBruja uses a more limited pallette, though the bright red and yellow are still very eye-catching.

Design DiseaseDesign Disease’s site uses a cyan blue and lime green, with additional shades of each color used throughout the rest of the site, and a few other bright accents.

Cult-fooUsing bright colors against a muted background color (like gray) makes the colors pop even more, as shown by Cult-foo’s website.

Danilo FioccoThe bright colors and cartoon character lend a very informal feel to Danilo Fiocco’s site.

Eric DiesThe lime green really stands out against the gray background on Eric Dies’s site.

DesignministerietCyan and lime green with hot pink accents makes Designministeriet’s site feel very modern and young.

Dezine ZyncA bright background stands out more when mixed with transparent elements, as shown on Dezine Zync’s website.

Dreamling.caMixing slightly muted bright colors with a white background gives Dreamling.ca’s a very feminine look.

DepthinfinityDepthinfinity’s site combines a bright, multi-colored background with lime green and other bright accents to create a very fun and artistic site.

EzobaseEzobase uses a CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) color scheme, which looks very fresh on a website.

Joshua GibletteShades of a single color when set against a neutral background can have a huge visual impact, as displayed on Joshua Giblette’s website.

Nimbupani DesignsMixing multiple bright colors can be tricky, but is executed well on the Nimbupani Designs site.

KrftdA bright, graffiti-esque background is mixed with cyan accents within the text to really make Krftd’s site pop.

Super GirlSuper Girl is another great example of bright colors used with a white background to create a feminine look.

TruSpeaksCombining a header with bright colors with a bright but monochromatic background makes the content on the TruSpeaks site stand out and creates a very modern and hip feeling.

Almost-Famous.TVCombining a single bright color with a white background makes Almost-Famous.TV’s site look very pulled together while allowing the layout to look like it’s trying to break free from its grid-based design.

Entropia BlogMixing very bright colors both in the text and background image makes the Entropia Blog look fun and fresh.

Brian Jeremy KupetzA graffiti-esque painted background mixed with accents that take their color cues from the background itself make for a very pulled-together yet lively look.

IlovecolorsIlovecolors mixes bright colors with grunge-influenced elements to create a very unique design.

MoraditoThe bright, pixelated background of Moradito really stands out when it’s combined with transparency and a few colored accents.

Hello My Name is HeatherA lime green background and brightly-colored header combined with bright accents and images within posts makes for a very cheerful design on the Hello My Name is Heather site.

Duirwaigh Studios – Message from the MuseDuirwaigh Studio’s Message from the Muse blog mixes bright colors with a vintage-inspired design to create a background that really pops.

Veerle’s BlogThe steel-gray background of Veerle’s Blog mixed with bright orange accents and a bright header looks very original.

InspiredologyA rainbow-colored header image combined with cyan and magenta accents makes the Inspiredology site look welcoming and original.

CelebrificCelebrific’s bright pink and light blue color scheme really pops and makes the site’s content really stand out.

Colorful Blog Themes

If you’re unsure of designing a bright theme from scratch, turn to one of the pre-made themes below.

WP CodaThe WP Coda theme’s purple design mixed with brighter accents lends a very fresh but still professional look.

Acosmin GrungyThe Acosmin Grungy theme combines bright colors with grunge elements to give an edgy feeling.

InfinityThe Infinity theme makes great use of transparency mixed with bright colors and cartoonish illustrations.

ColouriseThe Colourise theme’s dark background makes the bright colors stand out even more and lends a very masculine feel.

Notepad ChaosNotepad Chaos’s theme combines a bright background with a limited color pallette to give a fresh and informal look.

Tribal Music ThemeThe graffiti-inspired look of the Tribal Music Theme makes it feel very young and hip.

LightsourceThe Lightsource theme is available in multiple monochromatic color schemes, all of which lend a fresh feeling to any blog.

AmbienceAmbience is a great theme that mixes bright colors with transparency.

Digital FarmThe Digital Farm theme mixes a very bright, illustrated header with an otherwise muted color scheme, and is a very young and fun theme.

Color3Color3 mixes a brightly-colored background with bright green accents and very subtle transparency.

ColorsColors is another great theme that mixes a very bright, neon-colored background, a bright header, and bright accents.

AnatomyincThe Anatomyinc theme is an artistic-looking theme with transparency and a bright background.

Liquid MagazineThe Liquid Magazine theme’s half-tone inspired background is bright without taking focus away from the content.

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