How to Take Screenshots on Android — Better and Faster

In a previous post, I have shown you some awesome screen-capturing browser extensions. Today, I’m going to show you one of the best alternatives out there when it comes to taking screenshots more efficiently and faster using an Android device, using an app – Screenshot touch.

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What is Screenshot touch?

Screenshot touch is an easy-to-use application to capture a snapshot, including an entire web page, as well as record the screen. What surprised me is that it can take a snapshot of the entire web page even if it is not totally visible.

That said, you can capture almost anything on your screen, except secure pages, and create a video as well — all using its floating icon. Moreover, Screenshot touch also allows to draw, scribble, or underline text on a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot?

Screen touch allows you to capture screenshots in multiple ways — you can click on its overlay floating icon, or its notification for fast access. You must enable the notification through its Settings for the last method, and choose one of Always or “Only on service” for the “Show control notification” option.

You must enable the app’s capture monitoring service before you can start taking screenshots using this app. You can enable it by opening Screenshot touch, clicking on the “Start capture monitoring service” button to enable the feature, and finally, tapping “START NOW” to confirm your action.

Start Screen touch's monitoring service

Thereafter, you will see its floating icon on your device’s screen. You can press the Screenshot touch’s floating icon to capture an image. Alternatively, you can click its icon in its notification. Also, you can click the Recording or Stop buttons in its notification to record the screen or stop the capturing service.

Screenshot touch's floating icon and notification

Additionally, you can capture a scrolling screenshot of a web page using Screenshot touch. You can do this in one of the possible ways. You can open the web page either in a web browser and share its link with Screenshot touch or in its in-app browser by tapping the globe icon on its settings screen.

How to edit a screenshot?

Crop an image

After capturing a screenshots, you can open them using the in-app Photo viewer to view, edit, or share the screenshot with other apps or people. Its Image cropper lets you crop images, resize or customize their crop ratio, and save the final images in a specific format (JPEG or PNG). Here is how:

  1. Open a screenshot in the Photo viewer of Screenshot touch.
  2. Click on the Image cropper’s icon to crop the opened image.
  3. Image cropper in Screenshot touch
  4. Click on the Ratio button and choose the aspect ratio, or press the Crop button to freely crop an image. Finally, click on SAVE when you are done.
  5. Crop an image in Screenshot touch
Draw on an image

Moreover, you can use its Drawing tool to mark numbers, draw circles, lines, squares, or rectangles, and add text anywhere on the screenshot. It is possible to blur the screenshot, change opacity, and stamp on the image as well. If you wish to edit and draw on the screenshot, follow the below steps:

  1. Open an image in the in-app viewer of Screenshot touch.
  2. Then click on the Drawing tool’s icon in the Photo viewer.
  3. Drawing tool in Screenshot touch
  4. You can pick any of the available drawing tools to edit the image and click on the Save button when you are done editing the screenshot.
  5. Draw on an image in Screenshot touch

After you save changes, you will be back to its Photo viewer, where you can edit or share an image using a third-party image editor as well. I experimented with Snapseed using the Share button in its Photo viewer and it worked well.