Best iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Cases So Far

Now that it’s official – the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus share the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – if you’re thinking of switching you might be wondering if you could still continue using your current cases, particularly if they have been personalized one way or another.

Unfortunately, nope, you will have to re-personalize your new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases due to the fact that the old cases won’t fit the new dual camera and stereo speakers at the back of the phone.

By the way, if you’re going to go for the new jet black color that is available for the latest iPhone in the family, you will seriously want to consider giving it the protection it deserves. As glossy and as hard as jet black iPhones are, its "high shine" factor may show them scratches a lot clearer than iPhones of other colors. That’s definitely something to think about.

Before we check out the iPhone 7 cases, let’s look at what’s being offered at the official store first.

Official iPhone 7/7 Plus cases

iPhone Silicone Case

Silicone case with a fit snug, soft inner microfiber lining, available in 9 colors: Pink sand, Sea blue, Ocean blue, Stone, Cocoa, White, Midnight blue, Black, Red. Available for iPhone 7 [$35] and iPhone 7 Plus [$39].

iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Made from specially tanned finished European leather, inner microfiber lining, metallic button cover, available in 7 colors: Sea blue, Storm gray, Tan, Saddle brown, Midnight blue, Black, Red. Available for iPhone 7 [$45] and iPhone 7 Plus [$49]

OtterBox Statement Series Case

Lab-tested, scratch-resistant, with clear back with genuine leather accents. Available in two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus [$39.95]

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

The smart battery case can be charged together with the iPhone 7 and can extend talk time to up to 26 hours, LTE Internet use up to 22 hours and video playback up to 24 hours. Available in white and black. Only available for iPhone 7 [$99]

The Competition

Baseus Frosted Super Slim

This cover is 0.5mm slim and weighs only 4.7g with drop resistance built in. The frosted semi-transparent case is available in four colors, black, blue, gold and transparent. Available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus [$69]

Gold Black Crocoblack iPhone Case

This luxurious cover comes in premium calf leather and polycarbonate material, embossed with a Crcodile skin pattern, yet feels lightweight and soft to the touch. Available for iPhone 7 [€59.90] and iPhone 7 Plus [€69.90]

Senacases LeatherSkin

A minimalist, shock-absorbent case, this is only 1.7mm thin, wrapped in full-grain leather and with soft herringbone lining. Available in toffee brown, black, gray and denium blue and only for the iPhone 7. [Preorder – $31.95]

Senacases Heritage Ultraslim

A form-fitting pouch Made with tumbled Heritage leather aged over time for a darker tone and natural patina. Comes with soft herringbone lining. Available in cognac brown, black and denim blue. Available only for iPhone 7 plus [Preorder – $39.95].

Senacases Ultraslim Classic

A slim and lightweight leather pouch with microsuede lining. Available in two colors black and red and only for the iPhone 7 Plus [Preorder – $39.95].

60s Mosaic iPhone 7 case

Handmade from hard plastic and TPU rubber silicone. Ships from Hong Kong. Available for iPhone 7 [$11.99].

Pokeball iPhone 7 case

Made from clear plastic, this is a must-have for Pokemon fans. Ships from the US. Available for the iPhone 7 only [$12.99].

X-Doria Defense Lux Case

Military grade, durable aluminium frame, this premium case comes with a soft rubber lining and a hard polycarbonate shell to protect from a 6.6 foot drop on concrete and against surface scratches. Available in black leather.

X-Doria Clear Case for iPhone 7

A hard case with a TPU bumper, ths ultra-thin transparent case protects iPhones from scratches and drops. Available for the iPhone 7.

X-Doria Defense Gear Case

Comes in a military-grade material that hardens upon impact, for added protection from more than a 6 feet tall drop. There is enhanced corner protection, and anti-scratch protection as well.

Presidio iPhone 7 Plus

This quirky polycarbonate case design can take a hit from a 10-foot drop, is scratch resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty and in 5 different two-tone color combinations plus black [$44.95].

Ultra Thin Wallet Book

For those who prefer a front cover for their phone, this ultra thin wallet book hits the right spot. Wrapped in tumbled Heritage leather with soft herringbone lining. Available in Cognac brown, denim blue and black [Preorder – $55.95].

Wallet Book Classic

Carry your cash and identification documents in this full-grain leather iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Book phone case. Available in different colors and finishes. [Preorder – $63.95].

Ultra-thin Snap-On

Only 2.2 mm slim, this iPhone 7 Plus case is easy to snap on and easy to hold. You can add initials to it for an extra $7.99. [Preorder – $31.95].

Casetify iPhone 7 cases

For those who are more free-spirited and looking for more colorful cases for their new iPhone, these Casetify iPhone 7 cases have bold, fashionable and premium designer cases that are just their type [$40].

Know of more interesting and beautiful iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 covers? Let us know.