Random Color Generator For Material Design UI

The world of material design has gone far beyond mobile. There’s a ton of resources out there for web designers who love the flat style of material layouts and want to borrow elements from Android app UIs.

One free tool you might like is this random color generator created by the team at Threebu.

Color Tools For Web Designers

Color Tools For Web Designers

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This free tool automates the color selection process by pulling color schemes from material design colors. With the click of a button you’ll get tons of ideas for unique material design color choices.

Randomize material colors

In fact you can even use this as a material scheme designer once you learn how it works.

Each color appears in random order but you can lock your favorites. This way once you find a color you really like it can become a permanent choice, randomizing the other colors until you find a complete scheme.

To get random color matches just click the heading area with the “Random Palette” text. This will automatically create new schemes, all of which should appear in a list on the homepage.

Color palettes material design

This acts like a history pane where you can go back and check previous color schemes you passed over.

And on the right-hand side you’ll find icons to change the default “text” header into one of many styles:

  • Card UI
  • Vertical bars
  • Circular shape
  • Simple logo

Visit the main page and see if you can use this for your own material projects.

Note if you look towards the bottom of the page there’s a link to recommend new features for the app. This is a great way to have your voice heard and improve the generator for any type of project.

If you really can’t figure this out then have a look in the bottom-right corner for a small “i” info icon. That’ll open a new pane with instructions on how to use this awesome color generator.