Easy-to-Use Random Color Generator for Material Design

Material design isn’t just for mobile apps anymore; it’s everywhere on the web! If you’re a fan of the flat design style, you’ll find plenty of resources to enhance your web projects.

One such resource is this random color generator by Threebu.

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Best Color Tools for Web Designers

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This handy tool simplifies the process of choosing colors by generating color schemes based on material design. Just click a button, and you’ll get a variety of unique color options.

Randomized material design colors

You can even use this tool as a color scheme designer once you get the hang of it.

Colors appear randomly, but you can lock in your favorites. This allows you to keep the colors you like while continuing to explore new combinations.

To generate new color schemes, simply click the area labeled “Random Palette.” The new schemes will be displayed on the homepage.

Sample material design color palettes

You can review your color history to revisit previous selections.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find icons that let you change the default header style to various options:

  • Card UI
  • Vertical Bars
  • Circular Shape
  • Simple Logo

Check out the main page to see how this tool can benefit your projects.

If you have suggestions for new features, there’s a link at the bottom of the page where you can share your ideas.

If you’re having trouble using the tool, look for a small “i” info icon in the bottom-right corner. Clicking it will open a pane with instructions.