40 (More) Breathtaking Cloud Photography

Ever remember playing charades with clouds? It’s when you lie on your back and look up in the sky and you see knights fending of dragons, bunnies holding chocolate boxes and other figments of your imagination made real with just puffs of clouds. Well, our fascination with clouds may have come from our childhoods but clouds aren’t just a kid’s thing, you know.

More often than not, they are the subject of extraordinary shots of photography that is a combination of colour, texture, perspective, and pure chance. Whether taken from the top of a tall building, from a plane or from the ground, these sinister, majestic, nostalgic, or simply breathtaking shots of clouds doing their thing are here to impress.

The next time you look up at the skies, you might see more than just clouds.

Stairway to Heaven (Image source: Vernon Trent)

Atmosphere of a Spring Morning (Image source: Edmondo)

Atomic Cloud (Image source: Hendrik Tio)

Clouds on Fire (Image source: Eben)

Heaven Can Wait (Image source: Matjaz Cater)

Return of the Light (Image source: Niels Christian Wulff)

Storm Chase (Image source: Doug Roane)

Cloudy (Image source: Francisco Javier Ruiz Garcia)

A Soft Summer Night in the Marsh (Image source: Stuck in Customs)

Piercing the Sky (Image source: Stuck in Customs)

The Geothermal Genie (Image source: Stuck in Customs)

Chemtrails (Image source: Art_es_anna)

Cloud Attack (Image source: Soumya)

Clouds…Silhouttes…Etc…Etc… (Image source: Mine Beyaz)

Clouds (Image source: Dav71)

Clouds (Image source: Jaagaa)

Clouds (Image source: Lotusberries)

Clouds Over Hurricane Ridge (Image source: SnowsoftJ4C)

Clouds Racing (Image source: BadiB)

Later That Day… (Image source: Paul Dex)

Nove Dvory (Image source: Philip Bitnar)

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words; This Title is Twelve Words Long (Image source: Philerooski)

Plus Haut (Image source: Iko)

Sunset Sailboat (Image source: Bernardo Franco)

Through the Clouds (Image source: Fjny)

Vintage Sunset (Image source: CubaGallery)

Asperatus Cloud, New Zealand (Image source: National Geographic)

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