10 Free Apps To Help Automate Tasks On Your Android Device

One thing most people love about Android is the freedom to create that is open source identity affords us. Many developers have created stunning apps that can really push your Android device to do smart things, including automate menial and repetitive (but essential) tasks to make your life much, much easier.

Listed in this post are 10 Android apps that provide shortcuts, configurations, triggers and rules to let you get more out of your Android device. You can automate many things to happen on your device based on location or time triggers. On top of that, some of these apps let you record calls, or even touch events.

If you find setting up rules to be a pain, don’t worry, a couple of these apps even let you download rules setup by other fellow users.

1. SkipLock

If you think that having a lock screen is important but also annoying at times, Skiplock might be the best solution for you. Skiplock can automatically disable your lockscreen when it’s running on a particular WiFi network. This allows you to skip the lockscreen when you are running on your home WiFi network. To set it up, just manually add the WiFi networks you want to disable your lockscreen under.


2. App Cache Cleaner

Every app that you install slowly takes up more of your device’s internal memory. Most of your app data is cached by your device’s memory to ensure it loads faster in the future. In the long run, this ultimately slows down the performance of your device. App Cache Cleaner will clean your cache for you automatically. Enable this feature in the app settings where you can also set when the app can clean up your cache, from every 6 minutes (min) to every 7 days (max).

App Cache Cleaner

3. Velis Auto Brightness

If you think your device is a little too bright or too dim for your eyes in certain environments, you may want to try this app. Velis Auto Brightness not only uses the app to adjust your device’s brightness settings automatically based on light sensitivity to the surrounding environment, it also lets you control your brightness settings at every ambient level.

Velis Auto Brightness

4. Automated Device

There are some things that you do every single day, and there are times when you wish you can automate some of the things that you can do with your Android device. This app can let you do that. If, say, you carpool with a friend and want to let them know when to be ready for your arrival, you can automate the device to send your friend a text message when you reach a certain location. It takes a while to figure out what rules to input, but that is actually half of the fun in using this app.

Automated Device

5. Call Recorder

Did you know that you can now record your phone conversations using just an app? Try Call Recorder to automatically record phone conversations on your smartphone. You can then send your phone recordings to your email or to delete recordings that are not as important to save space in your phone. Alternatively, you can mark important recordings to prevent it from automatically being deleted. Note that recording phone calls may not be legal in some places.

Call Recorder

6. MacroDroid

MacroDroid allows you to create a custom macro to automate tasks on your Android device. You can use it to turn off bluetooth, silence your phone, disable data when you’re at the office, home or outside. You can even set it to read aloud incoming text messages for you or make a quick photo upload to your favourite social network by simply shaking your phone. There is also a template section where you can use ready-made macros instead of creating your own.


7. Llama

With Llama, you can trigger an action on your device when you are at a designated location. It uses your cell tower to detect your smartphone’s location; it is not GPS-dependent. Trigger your bluetooth headset to connect with your phone when you are out for your morning run, or trigger your reminder to pick up groceries if you are near your favorite grocery store.


8. RepetiTouch

RepetitTouch lets you record your touch events (any touch input that happens on your device while it’s recording). You can then replay your touch events to do repetitive or complicated actions automatically for you. The free version of the app limits users to 10 mins of recording time, no loop mode and no multi-touch input. It also requires "root" access. The full version is available for $5.49.


9. AutomateIt

Create or download rules to automate your device to run certain tasks. Automateit lets you set triggers from the likes of activity recognition, time or location triggers which will show notification, launch homescreen etc. If you’re not good with setting rules, this app comes with a Rules Market where you can download and use rules setup by other AutomateIt users. The downloads will require points, which you can gain by creating rules, sharing rules on social networks, inviting friends to use the app or buying them.


10. Atooma

If you’re familiar with IFTTT, Atooma will be real easy to use. It uses the conditional events via IF and DO. With that you can create your trigger and action rules. The interface is color-coordinated to make it easier to setup rules and triggers. Not big on setting up rules? Then download rules or draw inspiration from what other Atooma users have setup.


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