Apple iOS 10.2 comes with hundreds of new emojis, and more

iOS device owners rejoice as Apple has released the iOS 10.2 update to the public. Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements, iOS 10.2 greets users with the new TV app that was first teased during the MacBook Pro reveals not long ago.

With the new TV app, users can now keep track of shows and movies across all of their subscribed media streaming services…provided the service supports the app of course. Single Sign-On will also be available on iOS 10.2, allowing users to log in once to access all live cable content that they’ve subscribed to.

Unfortunately, both TV app and Single Sign-On feature are limited to U.S. region only, so to those living outside the States will not be getting them for now.

apple tv

Moving on, iOS 10.2 will also be introducing a brand new batch of emojis to the operating system. Over a hundred new emojis will be introduced with the update, ranging from reactions such as the face palm, animals like the owl, various objects, and several profession-themed emojis that are available in both male and female genders. Many of the pre-existing emojis have also been redesigned to make them look more realistic.

more emojis

Rounding up the update. iOS 10.2 has made some overall improvements to its Music, Photos, Messages, News and Mail apps. The full patch notes can be found here.