Search Google Drive Files Directly From Google App [Android]

Going through your Google Drive folder to find that one specific file will no longer be as big of a pain as it currently is for Android device owners. Why you may ask? Because Google is rolling out an update to the Android Google app that will let you search for Google Drive files directly from the app itself.

Once the update goes live, all of the files and folders inside your Google Drive will be indexed via Firebase App Indexing. With this system in place, you can launch the Google app and input your search parameters into the search box.

Once the search is completed, scroll over to the "In Apps" tab, and you’ll see all of the files that are relevant to the search. Tapping on the files will cause them to open in the appropriate app.

search files in google drive

Unfortunately, Google made no mention of whether or not this feature will be coming to either iOS or even the Chrome browser, so it appears that the feature will be Android-only for now.

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