30 Amazing Infrared Photos

We take our ability to see for granted, on a daily basis, and yet colors play such crucial roles in our every decision-making process. But we’re not here to talk about that. Today we’re here to show you the world in a different light – literally.

In the following 30 photographs you will be seeing everyday scenes, scenery and objects under a very different condition: in infrared. You see, normally we can only see in visible light, an area on the electromagnetic spectrum that is between “near ultraviolet” and “near infrared”.

Without going too technical into it, we need special equipment to see beyond this visible light section and as the following images will show you, the world is just as beautiful in infrared.

1. Home

IMAGE: David

2. South End Of Lindo Lake

IMAGE: Bill Gracey

3. Curtains

IMAGE: Bill Gracey

4. Old Point Loma Lighthouse

IMAGE: Bill Gracey

5. Live Oaks and Slave Cabins

IMAGE: Bill Gracey

6. Hummingbird

IMAGE: fortherock

7. Cimetière

IMAGE: -Pixel –

8. Clouds Over Lakeside

IMAGE: Bill Gracey

9. Kensington Market’s Garden Car

IMAGE: Frank Lemire

10. Trees By The Lake

IMAGE: Lyudmila Topchiy

11. Blown Away

IMAGE: Retinal Fetish

12. Moscow

IMAGE: Lyudmila Topchiy

13. Earth and Sky

IMAGE: Kelly Shipp

14. St. Bartholomew’s Church Hanworth Norfolk

IMAGE: David

15. Trees and Rocks

IMAGE: arbyreed

16. Brown-Eyed Susan

IMAGE: Dan Wiedbrauk

17. By the Lake

IMAGE: Flavio Ciarafoni

18. Horses

IMAGE: Greg Westfall

19. Great Central Railway

IMAGE: Infraredd

20. Rainbow and Puppy

IMAGE: Zach Stern

21. A Crowd Gathers in Fantasyland

IMAGE: VisualTreats

22. Santee Lake on the Winter Solstice

IMAGE: Bill Gracey

23. Butterfly


24. A Storm

IMAGE: Darryl

25. Sunflower

IMAGE: Mike Lewinski

26. Dreamwalking

IMAGE: digitalpimp.

27. Boston Common

IMAGE: Werner Kunz

28. Palmer Park, Colorado Springs

IMAGE: David

29. Infrared Photo of Bled Lake (Slovenia)

IMAGE: Flavio Ciarafoni

30. Obama’s Inaugural Opening Ceremony

IMAGE: Zach Stern

The world is a beautiful place that is filled with colors and incredible things, but what we are only able to naturally see and comprehend is but a small fraction. Now that you’ve seen the world in a different light, did it change your perception in any way? Tell us.