How to Access Your Google Usage History + Erase It

Frequent users of Google’s services are probably aware that Google stores information about your usage history. That being said, did you know that you can access your entire Google usage log online? All of that information can be found through the My Activity page.

The My Activity page is an archive of everything you’ve ever did on a Google platform. This includes the standard search engine, the Chrome browser, and even Android smartphones.

Depending on what permissions you gave to Google, you can find your browsing history, your YouTube viewing history, and more disturbingly, your recordings and conversation history on the site.

bundle view

A simple browsing session reveals that Google stores two years worth of activity information. If you wish to look back at what you did in November 2014, you can do so by adjusting the calendar provided on the webpage.

filter by dates

If you’re feeling very uncomfortable over how much information Google has on you at any point in time, you’ll be glad to know that the My Activity website also comes with an option that allows you to erase any if not all logs that have been created.

delete by topics

Additionally, you can also toggle activity controls on and off, allowing or denying Google access to certain features.

activity controls

Google does warn that doing so will affect your experience on its platform, but if you prioritize your privacy over convenience, toggling most of these options off would give you some peace of mind.