50 Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers

Icons are little graphical elements on a website that help the user in navigating through the pages. Keeping the importance of icons in mind, previously I showcased different types of icon sets including weather icons set, smiley icons set, medical icons set etc.

However, in this post, rather than focusing on any particular type, I am featuring multiple types of icons that cover the overall graphical user interface. Here’s a showcase of 40 high-quality icon sets that are totally free to use. Full list after the jump.

Thin Line UI Icons

Basic UI Icons

Line UI Icons

User Interface Icons

180+ Free Icons

Flat iOS Icon Set

Icons from Module

Simple Line Icons

Flat Color Icons

Flat Outline Icons

Flat Line Icons

Flat Icons PSD

Flat Line UX & E-commerce Icons


100 Office Icons

Flat PSD Icons

Mini Material Free Icons

Free UI Icons Set

72 Free Icons

Cosmo Mini Icons

Free PSD Flat Icons

Line Icon Set

Time & Calendar

Jolly Icons Free

Appliances Icons

Arrows Icon Set

60 BiColored Icons Collection

54 Stylish Icons

30 Free Icons

Birply Icons

Website Icons Collection

Free 200 Nanoline Icons

150 Arrow Icons


77 Essential Icons

48 Thin Icons

Free Icons Set


Nucleo Test Pack

Daily UI Day 055 Icon Set

Free Icon Set #5

Free Icon Set #4

Free Sketch Icon Set

Smart House

Basic Icon Set

Free Basic Icons

100 Universal Icons

Thin Icon set

Essential Icons Free

App Icon Freebie