40+ Cool and Creative Pepsi Advertisements

Pepsi has always been known for creating daring, creative and badass advertisements. Being one of the most competitive carbonated beverage maker, these folks sure know how to market all variants (Pepsi Diet, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Blue, Pepsi Jazz, etc) under the umbrella. This weekend we want to showcase you a series of 40+ Cool and Creative Pepsi advertisements that really inspires.

Pepsi Mini Cans

Fun campaign by BBDO Canada for the Pepsi mini cans.

Pepsi Light

Pepsi Light – Spine, Man

Pepsi Light – Spine, Woman

Pepsi Light – Sexy drink.

Pepsi Light – Mirror

Dare Fore More

Three print advertisements by ad agency BBDO Germany GmbH of Dusseldorf, showing the red white and blue Pepsi logo in the context of photographs portraying extreme sports: "Surfer", "Climber" and "Boarder". [via theinspirationroom]


Pepsi Pool

Pepsi Ask for more – Straw

Pepsi Joy of Pepsi

Pepsi light – Straws

Yeni Pepsi mini.


Diet Pepsi – Cat

Diet Pepsi – Cans

Diet Pepsi – Watch

Pepsi – Hook.

Pepsi Ask For More – Ice and Lemon

Pepsi Twist – Pepsi with a touch of lemon.

Pepsi Max – Max your life Max Taste No Sugar

Pepsi – Truck

Vintage and Retros

"Pepsi Please..". Here for more pepsi ads.

Pepsi-Cola jovial (1962)

Pepsi-Cola burbujeante (1962)

Street Ads

Pepsi ad-itude

Diet Pepsi Poles

An old Pepsi advertisement proclaiming "Taste that beats the others cold!" on the side of a barn in Perrysville, Ohio.

Pepsi billboard ad

Pepsi Max – Give sugar the flick

Pida Pepsi

Pub de Pepsi-Cola, Prague

Fan Art

Ad for Pepsi, taken by rodrigozenteno for mothers day.

Pepsi iPod advertisement

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