28 Google Reader Shortcuts

Mastering shortcuts is definitely the way to speed your efficiency in any software, let it be an offline application like photoshop, Windows OS itself or even online applications.

Here are 28 shortcuts to help you speed read and control your Google Reader.

Shortcut Description
J Selects Next Item in list
K Selects Previous Item in list
Space Page Up
Shift + Space Page Down
N Next Item in list view
P Previous Item in list view
O Expand / Collapses any selected item
Enter Expand / Collapses any selected item
S Star an item
Shift + S Share an item
M Mark item as Read / Unread
T Tag an item
V Open article source code in new window
Shift + A Mark all as read
1 Expand all subscriptions
2 Headline views all subscriptions
R Refresh feeds
Shift + N Next in subscriptions
Shift + P Previous in subscriptions
Shift + X Expand / Collaps folders of subscriptions
Shift + O Open selected subscriptions
G H Go back to Home
G S Go to Starred items
G T Launch Tag and browse by Tag
G U Launch Subscription and browse Subscriptions
U Hide / Show Subscription Panel
Shift + ? Where I got this list from. Reader shortcuts in Popup :-)
Alt + F4 Time to get back to work