10 Essential Windows Phone Apps for Travelers

Traveling around the world is fun. It’s exciting to explore new sights, foods, and cultures. But, before setting off on your adventure, it’s essential to prepare well. This includes installing useful mobile apps to make your journey smoother.

These mobile apps assist in various ways – from planning your route to finding hotel and flight deals. For avid travelers who use a Windows Phone, here are some must-have apps.

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10 Best Mobile Apps to Plan Your Next Trip

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Hotel Tonight

Once you reach your destination, you’ll likely want to find a hotel. Hotel Tonight is an app that helps you find great hotel deals and makes booking a breeze. It curates a list of top hotels, ensuring quality stays. Plus, you can read other customers’ reviews and ratings to make an informed choice.

Note: Hotel Tonight is available in select cities, but this list is expanding.

Hotel Tonight App Image


Update: Kayak is no longer supported on Windows Phone.

Kayak, a well-known travel site, has an official app for Windows Phone. With it, you can plan your trip, find cost-effective flight options, and book hotel rooms with ease.

Kayak App Image


Uber has transformed car rentals. With Uber, you can request a ride or be picked up directly from your phone. Choose from various vehicles, from SUVs to luxury cars like Mercedes Benz. Just tap, wait a few minutes, and you’re on your way. The best part? No need for cash – just pay through the app.

Note: Uber operates in specific countries. So, ensure your travel destination is covered.

Uber App Image

Easy Taxi

If Uber isn’t available in your destination city, consider using a taxi. Easy Taxi helps you quickly find and book taxis near you. The app operates in several South East Asian countries, making it a convenient choice.

Easy Taxi App Image

Bing Translator

Language barriers can be a challenge when visiting foreign countries. Bing Translator, a Microsoft app, can help you navigate this. Bing Translator translates both text and voice. It even has a special feature allowing you to translate directly using your camera.

Bing Translator App Image


Sampling local cuisine is a highlight of any trip. Zomato is a handy app for food lovers, offering restaurant recommendations and menus in various cities.

Note: Zomato is available only in select countries.

Zomato App Image

Here Explore

Here Explore is an explorer’s delight. It suggests new places to visit, eat, or relax. Open the app, and as you walk around, it displays nearby attractions. You can save your favorite spots or share them on social media.

Note: Here Explore is available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, and France.

Here Explore App Image


Update: Moovit is no longer supported on Windows Phone.

If you’re using public transport, Moovit is a must-have. It offers information on buses and trains in many global cities. You can check routes, schedules, and find the quickest paths.

Moovit App Image

I’m Here

Update: “I’m Here” is no longer supported on Windows Phone.

“I’m Here” can be a lifesaver in various scenarios. Simply tap to display and share your location, ensuring friends or family know you’ve safely reached your destination. It’s also useful if you get separated from your group during travels.

I'm Here App Image

XE Currency

Update: XE Currency is no longer supported on Windows Phone.

When abroad, converting your funds to the local currency is often necessary. This app lets you check live currency exchange rates worldwide.

XE Currency App Image


Update: This Compass app is no longer supported on Windows Phone.

Long before GPS, adventurers relied on stars and compasses. If you’re exploring remote areas like forests, jungles, or mountains, this app adds compass functionality to your Windows Phone, ensuring you find your way.

Compass App Image

World Prayer Time

Update: “World Prayer Time” is no longer supported on Windows Phone.

Muslim prayer times vary globally, especially in regions far from the equator, due to the Sun’s position. This app provides accurate prayer times for Muslims, especially handy when traveling to different countries.

World Prayer Time App Image