Beautiful Weather Widgets For Your Android Home Screens

Many Android users like to customize their home screen to the fullest, decorating them according to their own taste or style. Last week we presented you with our compilations of minimalistic clock and calendar widgets to spice up your home screen, but we are not stopping there, this week, we are moving on to 20 beautiful weather widgets.

Keeping in mind that everyone has their own taste and preference in design, this compilation has a wide array of simple, complicated, elegant and cockpit-inspired weather widgets to choose from. Some include information like humidity, high and low temperatures, forecasts for the next few days and other functions you may be interested in. Let’s take a look at what this list has in store for us.

Clear Conditions HD. A small minimalistic widget showing current weather conditions through the use of UCCW app. [Free]

Weather Clock Full. A pretty display weather clock that is not too harsh on memory and comes at a small price. [$1.11]

Clock Weather Widget. Another simple beautiful weather app based on UCCW, with clock feature included. [Free]

Weather Forecast Widget. Want one with a forecast? This one gives you up to four days of weather condition. [Free]

EZ Weather HD Forecast. Get the highs and lows of daily temperatures and forecast of up to 7 days. [Free]

Weather Screen. Love live wallpapers? Pick an animation to add to your picture, on top of a clock and weather widgets to go a long with it. [$2.99]

Metro Clock And Weather Full. Pick a weather card with 5 European city themes with displays that change night into day (and vice versa) with every sunrise and sunset. [$1.19]

Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather. Beautifully made Sense clock weather widget, with shortcut access to the alarm or World Time. [Free]

Weather+. This one is a multi-data weather widget for flip-clock fans. [$1.29]

Weather Pro Premium. On top of the regular features this one can also give you cached forecasts in case you can’t get online. [$1.28]

Weather Live. Get additional data like humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility on top of a ‘feels like’ feature which tells you what the weather actually feels like outside. [Free]

BeWeather & Widgets Pro. Track your local weather through this app, change the default icon on its widget as you wish through its flexible customization features. [$1.99]

Go Weather Forecast & Widgets. If your a fan of go launcher products, try their weather app too since there is a huge slection of widget themes to try out. [Free]

Black Transparent System Widget. Find out the entire week’s weather condition, neatly put together in one semi-transparent widget or a single widget to represent the current weather condition. [Free]

Weather Widget. Although limited in weather locations, this one comes with a nicely made set of weather widgets, perfect for your home screen. [$0.92]

Pocket Weather Australia. Iff you live in Australia, this app will inform you of weather warnings to avoid incoming storms. [$1.80]

Eye In The Sky Weather. Simple, beautiful and easy to read weather widget with expandable notification. [Free]

Weather Cards. These cards tell it like it is, snowflakes for a snowing forecast, and clouds for a partly cloud one. The widget is based on UCCW. [Free]

Weather: Local Forecast, Radar. Clean and simple, the minimal use of colors keep the attention on the data. [Free]

Stencil Weather. Awesome weather icons keeping things real for users .[$1.59]