25 Top iPad-Exclusive HD Games

One of the best things about the iPad is the large HD screen which makes for excellent gameplay. There are thousands of games in the App Store, but how many are exclusive to the iPad and truly allows it to display its amazing graphics?

While we can’t possibly name every app in this list, we’ll take a look at some of the best games available exclusively for the iPad. These games not only give you the ultimate gaming experience, but also take advantage of the bigger screen, and guarantee true satisfaction.

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Defenders of Ardania

If you are into the TD (tower defense) genre, you’ll love Defenders of Ardania; it puts you in control of offensive and defensive operations. You can buy towers, spells, and of course defense items.

There are 3 playable races and 15 levels to complete, along with 18 different towers to upgrade. You can also challenge your friends via Apple’s Game service.

Full Version ($4.99), Lite Version (Free)

Lab Solitaire

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the classic card game Solitaire. Lab Solitaire is a "photo-realistic version". With this version, you’ll be able to see all the cards from the start of the game. The object is to move all cards from the bottom columns to the top foundations.

This game supports both landscape and portrait mode and your games are conveniently and automatically saved as you play.

If you’re interested in more Solitaire games exclusively for iPad, check out Ski Solitaire, FreeCell for iPad, and Canfield Solitaire for iPad.

Full Version ($0.99)

Crystal Cross HD

This simple, yet popular web-based Flash game can now be played on the iPad for free. The object of the game is to remove the crystal balls by touching empty cells that connect two or more of the same-colored crystals.

The iPad version is an improvement over the original game as it has better scoring, special cards, versus modes, and supports OpenFeint so that you can play against others.

Full Version (Free)

Assassin’s Creed Recollection

This real-time board game from Ubisoft is a must for all fans of the action adventure game Assassin’s Creed.

In this game you’ll be able to compete in political battles using key characters and locations from the original game. Assassin’s Creed Recollection includes story mode, multiplayer support via Apple’s Game Center, and the short film Assassin’s Creed Embers.

Full Version ($2.99)

Michael Jackson The Experience HD

Calling all Michael Jackson fans! This iPad exclusive rhythm game includes four iconic hits to master: Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon, and Blood on the Dance Floor. You can also get more songs like Billie Jean and Black or White via in-app purchases.

Players get to "dance along" by drawing a series of shapes according to how Michael Jackson’s avatar moves in the game.

It’s a great game for fans of all ages.

Full Version ($6.49)

Olympic Gems HD

While this game is free to download, you will need to unlock the full version via an in-app purchase.

Olympic Gems is similar to the popular game Bejeweled, where you swap gems to match and eliminate them from the board. Along with being able to compete with friends, you can share your score on Facebook and unlock Game Center Achievements.

If you’re looking for a similar iPad exclusive game, you may also enjoy Bouncy Toys HD.

Full Version ($2.99)

FairyFail HD

FairyFail HD is not your typical fairy tale. This game is all about evil animals who have trapped all of the "kind" animals. It’s your job to release all of the good animals in this physics-based game, by aiming and shooting at the right locations.

FairyFail HD will probably remind you a little of Angry Birds because of the "aim and shoot" gameplay. It offers 80 levels, Game Center Achievements, and an in-app purchase is needed to unlock the full game.

Full Version ($1.99)

The Signal

This is a game in which you have to use both of your hands to touch all of the points displayed on screen at the same time and as fast as possible. Because of the way you will need to use both hands while playing, it is suggested that you turn off Multitasking Gestures in your iPad settings.

The Signal includes a detailed storyline and YouTube video for those wanting to learn more about the game.

Full Version (Free)

Through the Cliff iHD

This puzzle game involves helping Ross (the main character) cross the cliff so that he can continue downhill. There are 40 levels that are divided into the Green Mountain and Snow Mountain worlds. Each climate brings different challenges, which also increase in difficulty as you progress.

In order to earn points, you must destroy the boxes and wooden structures, and collect gold coins.

Full Version ($0.99), Lite Version (Free)

Ninja Pong HD

This adventure game takes you through 5 lands where you get to bounce around to collect bonuses while avoiding bombs and arrows. It includes both arcade and endless gameplay modes, plus other content and modifications that can be unlocked.

The Game Center supported is used both for unlocking achievements and viewing leaderboards. Ninja Pong HD also includes Facebook and Twitter integration for sharing your scores.

Full Version ($1.99)

Save Ladybug HD

Save Ladybug HD is a casual game where you gain gemstones by killing spiders and avoiding bites. The more spiders in the web and the faster you are, the more gemstones you’ll receive. There are two modes that you can play in: timed and unlimited.

Save Ladybug HD supports OpenFeint and has both Facebook and Twitter integration.

Full Version ($2.99)


In this addicting game you get to control a UFO with a retractable claw in order to destroy humans! You can terrorize and kill them by crushing, tossing, or abducting them. It includes 40 missions and along the way you’ll find hidden power-ups.

Grabatron supports both OpenFeint and Apple’s Game Center.

Full Version ($2.99)


This adventurous battle game features a campaign with over 10 hours of playtime and different party combinations. You can build towers, lay traps, gather and gain items, fight bosses and battles, earn achievements, and much more. Companions supports both OpenFeint and Game Center and has 3 levels of difficulty.

If you’re looking for a similar game exclusive to the iPad, you may also enjoy Fortress Under Siege for iPad.

Full Version ($6.99)

Conquer Online

Conquer Online is "the first completely free-to-play MMORPG game for iPad". This popular online community is now available on the iPad for the ultimate PvP (player versus player) experience.

Once you have customized your character, you can slay monsters and complete quests or hangout with friends in your own custom-built house.

The best part of this game is the interaction among other players; you can make friends or enemies and even create a team for stronger force. With Conquer Online, the possibilities are endless.

Full Version (Free)


FIFA (The International Federation of Association Football) 12 is the ultimate soccer game that brings this popular sport to life with realistic graphics and animations. It features over 22 officially licensed leagues, 500 licensed teams, and over 15,000 players.

In Manager Mode, you manage your own team, develop and trade players, upgrade staff, and more. There are also daily challenges that allow you to earn unique achievements.

The best part of FIFA 12 is the 2-player mode, which allows you to turn your iPhone into a wireless controller for the ultimate head-to-head battle.

Full Version ($9.99)

Playing History: The Plague

This educational game lets you play history by taking you back in time to the 14th century in Florence. You can explore the city and talk to the people there all while avoiding the mysterious plague.

It features hidden games, 4 hours of gameplay, and best of all educational tidbits.

Full Version ($6.99)

War on Geometry HD

This is another game where you have to use both hands and numerous fingers.

In War on Geometry HD you have to drag your warship around the screen in order to avoid the "unlucky" geometry ships.

Wherever you drag your finger, is where your ship will go. Likewise, wherever you point your finger is where you’ll shoot – so aim wisely! There are a variety of weapons and enemies to destroy.

If you’re looking for a similar iPad exclusive game, you may also enjoy Finger Gravity HD.

Full Version ($0.99)

Sparkle 2: EVO

At first glance, Sparkle 2: EVO may not appear to be a game, but it’s indeed a "subtle, captivating, and addictive" adventure.

You first start out as a tiny organism and can then transform into a larger aquatic being. The object is to find food sources and attack other species so that you can grow into the biggest Sparkle; in short, the goal is to evolve. Sparkle 2: EVO works just like the saying, "you are what eat" – so choose wisely which species you want to devour.

There are 12 levels and Game Center Achievements. The game also includes Air Play Mirroring so that you can play on your TV.

Full Version ($3.99)

Battle of Gundabad HD

"Battle of Gundabad is the first deck building card game where every player plays with his own set of cards." The player with the most VP (victory points) wins the game.

It includes 2 game modes (campaign and normal) and 27 cards with thousands of combo possibilities.

Full Version ($6.49)

Steambirds Survival HD

Steambirds Survival HD is the sequel to the original Steambirds game released in 2010. The game is free to download, but there is an in-app purchase required for unlocking all cities.

The object of the game is to defend yourself against enemy aircraft. It features 8 different aircraft and 64 missions (with more coming soon).

Along the way you’ll collect power-ups that can be used to help you stay alive.

Full Version ($2.99)

Demolition Master HD: Project Implode All

In this adventure game there are a whopping 135 levels that take place in 9 different locations on the Earth; additionally, there are another 75 levels that take place on 5 different locations on the Moon.

The goal of each mission is to use explosives to demolish the constructions. There are even vibration effects along with realistic explosions, and the ability to zoom in and out.

Demolition Master HD also includes Game Center support.

Full Version ($1.99), Free Version

Craze: Multiplayer Mayhem

Have you ever played with up to 10 people at the same time on your iPad?

Well Craze: Multiplayer Mayhem allows you to do just that, although it does also have single player mode. There are three levels of difficulty. The object of the game is to not crash and this is done by steering right or left to avoid all objects.

Whenever a player crashes, the rest of the players receive one point. The player with the most points wins.

Full Version ($2.99)

N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD

This action-packed first-shooter game includes both single player and multiplayer campaigns along with iPad optimized controls. With Gameloft Live you can play against your friends or the entire world.

There are 13 levels, 5 environments, and 6 different weapons. The object is to survive!

If you’re looking for a similar iPad exclusive game, you may also enjoy Dead Space for iPad.

Full Version ($4.99)

Ball Invasion for iPad2

If you’re looking for something unique you’ve found it in Ball Invasion, which is unfortunately only available for the iPad 2.

"Ball Invasion is the first (and only) iPad application to use the NASA-invented Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology to build real-time 3D maps of the environment as you move the iPad’s camera around."

The objects of the game is to shoot the hidden bad balls that are made visible through the camera.

Full Version ($0.99)

Beyond Ynth HD

This game will take you on an exciting adventure where you’ll face different climates, push boxes, climb platforms, jump, slide, fall, and more.

This award-winning game actually took a year to make and it shows with the amazing graphics involved.

There are 80 levels with 15 hours of gameplay and other unique features like the rewind feature, solution videos, and voice acting.

Full Version ($2.99)

What is your favorite game exclusively for the iPad? What’s missing from the list? Is there a game not listed that you think should be included? Have your say!