40 Sci-Fi-riffic Fonts You Can Get For Free

The @font-face CSS rule makes it easier than ever to implement unique typefaces on your site without the need to rely on Google Fonts or any of the premium options. You may not want to use a custom font for your entire website but they can be used to great effect to make a heading stand out while retaining the ability to be read by search engines.

Below is a selection of the finest typefaces from recognisable science fiction shows as well as a number of others that follow the same theme.

Sci Fi Movies

Check out these famous typefaces from the famous science fiction show

Font: Alex Murphy SolidMovie: Robocop

Font: Alien LeagueMovie: Aliens

Font: Alien ResurrectionMovie: Alien Resurrection

Font: AVPMovie: Alien vs. Predator

Font: Back to the FutureMovie: Back to the future

Font: Batman ForeverMovie: Batman Forever

Font: BattlestarMovie: Battlestar Galactica

Font: Blade RunnerMovie: Blade Runner

Font: FarscapeMovie: Farscape

Font: Final Frontier Old StyleMovie: Star Trek

Font: FuturamaMovie: Futurama

Font: GunshipMovie: Wall-E

Font: MatrixMovie: Matrix

Font: Planet of the ApesMovie: Planet of the Apes

Font: Splash GordonMovie: Flash Gordon

Font: Star JediMovie: Star Wars

Font: StargateMovie: Stargate

Font: TransformersMovie: Transformers

Font: TronMovie: Tron

More Sci-Fi Themed Fonts:

Here are a few more fonts that are not from or part of a movie but will still work with a sci-fi theme.

Carbon Block







Planet Kosmos



Space Age

Space Man


Do you have a favourite futuristic font you think should be included? Let us know in the comments.

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