Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures

To most people, making a paper plane could be one of the simplest thing to do. It’s the simplest and easiest form of paper art, for this case a flying art. However, there’s a special minority who takes thing to the next level. They can turn the basic form of origami – which is folding a paper in half – together with a little cutting, folding, bending, shaping, and more paper folding, into an utmost creative artwork you have ever seen.

Credit: Sculpture by Simon Schubert

In this post, we will attempt to show how these minority, creative minded folks turn a very thin slice of wood – paper – into wonders, and bringing paper art to the next level. Without further ado, here’s an impressive showcase of paper art and paper sculptures by some the best paper artistes in the world. Full list after the jump.

Jen Stark

Jen Stark is a contemporary artist whose majority of work involves creating paper sculptures. She also works with drawing and animation. Her work draws inspiration from microscopic patterns in nature, wormholes, and sliced anatomy.

Over and out



Coriolis Effect

Simon Schubert

Cologne, Germany based artis, Simon Schuberts works imagine architectonical settings, common situations and objects, whereas the material he uses are either simple or sophisticated – white paper folded or mixed media arrangements.

Emma Van Leest

Daniel Grein

A trained designer for digital and print media from University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany.


Helen Musselwhite

Helen Musselwhite creates highly individual and visually appealing framed paper sculptures.Each piece combines intricate hand cut layers of coloured paper and strong graphic images arranged to make interesting and intriguing scenes in box frames.

Carlos N. Monila

Olafur Eliasson

Jolis Paons

Paper dress sculpture made from pages of telephone book.

Aoyama Hina

"I don’t follow traditional but I am trying to create a mixture of the traditional and modern styles and to produce my own world through this super fine lacy-paper-cuttings technique" Aoyama

Sher Christopher

Sher graduated with a very distinctive sculptural style, working with clay moulds and paper, from the University of Wolverhampton with a BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Design and a successful end of year show at Covent Garden in 1992.

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya was born in Russia (Moscow); prior to moving to the UK in 2004 she was interested in diverse creative practices ranging from Textile Painting, Origami and Collage to more traditional Fine Art practices.

Peter Callesen

Born in the year of 1967, Danish artist Peter Callesen takes the most commonly consumed media – A4 papers and turn them into wonders.

Little Erected Ruin

On The Other Side

Looking back

The Short Distance Between Time and Shadow

Ingrid Siliakus

Inspired by master of origami paper artwork Prof. Masahiro Chatani, Ingrid studied his work for years and is now a master of her own.

Jennifer Khoshbin

Khoshbin was exposed to art at an early age. Both her grandfather and uncle are master carpenters; her mother is a ceramic artist; her brother is a film maker and curator; and her sister is a new media artist. It seems meant to be. (via jen11show)

David Brownings

An illustrator from Bristol UK; currently majoring illustration in UWE.

Su Blackwell

Independent Arts and Crafts professional from London, United Kingdom.

Chatsworth, Derbyshure ‘A Guide to’

The Story of Peter Pan: The Pirate Ship

Alice: Through the Looking Glass

The Old House

Bert Simons

One of Bert’s most impressive portfolio would have to be his 3 dimensional pseudo realistic paper portraits and sculptures. They are so realistic that some might find it eerie.

Harry Hamelink (2007)

Mr. Ivo Opstelten

Bert Simons himself

A couple more..

The Lifespan of Paper-Marriage
via ppt-ping

White Shadows
via hellofromthemoon

Serial Cut
Madrid based studio, established in 1999 by Sergio del Puerto.

Origami Koi
via Richi89