12 Impressive Dollar Bill Origami Creations [Photos]

How can you make a dollar bill become more valuable than a dollar? Turn it into something else, using origami. And that’s what Won Park does, as a full-time profession (for real). Take a look at his origami koi fish below and you will know why he is dedicating a career to it.

Won Park does not just specialize in koi. Give him a dollar bill and he can create just about anything and boggle your mind at the same time. Let’s look at 12 examples that prove the true strength of his origami mastery. Unfold the post to reveal some paper-folding magic!

70 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

70 Beautiful Examples of Origami Paper Art

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Millennium Falcon

Got a few bucks to spare? You can get the Millenium Falcon, with just a few dollars and Won Park’s crazy skills!

millennium falcon
Koi Fish

This breathtaking origami koi fish once marked the highest achievement in Won Park’s career. He even found the spot on the bill that can be the koi’s eyes and head.

koi fish

What can you do with two dollar bills these days? With two dollar bills, Won Park can make a spider come to life.

two dollar spider

It’s amazing how he can fold a piece of paper and breathe life into it. Next thing you know this little butterfly is going to fly off your screen.


It’s… ‘Oxsome’! I want one on my desk!


Wired magazine sent Won Park a 10 pound note and asked him to make something. He did not disappoint, with this English bulldog.

Chinese Dragon

Two one-dollar bills are enough for Won Park to flesh out the details of a Chinese Dragon.

chinese dragon

Learn to fold this origami camera by getting its diagrams in this Yahoo! group! Patience and skilful manipulation of paper not included.


An origami phone with number buttons. Now I’ve seen everything.

Battle Tank

If you are wondering, the cannon and tracks are 2 separate pieces of bank note. That’s why it’s named Two Dollar Battle Tank.

battle tank
F1 Racecar

Normally, I’d joke about how easily the money in my wallet disappears after pay day, but rarely are they in the form of an F1 racecar.

f1 racecar
U.S. Capitol Building

How American can a sculpture get? And without any snipping, glue or tape involved. Amazing!

us capitol building

Impressed with Won Park’s origami? For more, head over to his deviantArt portfolio for more magical origami, or join this Yahoo! group to get your hands dirty folding your own paper creations!