30 Paper Art Designs

Designers amaze us with their talent and creativity when we see various logos, landing pages and banners. However, we may be doubly impressed when they dabble in unusual forms of art such as street art or by playing with paper, like origami. However, one shouldn’t underestimate paper, or how amazingly talented some artists can be.

Today I’m going to share with you 30 mind-blowing papercraft creations which will showcase how creative people can force us to rethink what paper can do or what can be done with paper.

You’ll see food, people, and even cities created with paper with tiny details. Some of these work were made for magazines and other editorial pieces, even though some of them I suspect are just made to make our jaws drop.

Paper Craft for Wipro Winsights

IMAGE: Shreya Gupta

Paper Chef Rubio

IMAGE: Adriana Napolitano

Just “Make” It

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

Paper Sculpture

IMAGE: James Seet


IMAGE: Lisa Lloyd

Het Parool – World Cup

IMAGE: Adrian & Gidi

Happy Snacks

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

“Inspired by the classics…” Beckett Simonon

IMAGE: Andres Calderon

OREO – Flavor Love

IMAGE: Adrian & Gidi

Kwik-Krafts / National Hotdog Day

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

Shoes Up – Flora

IMAGE: Adrian & Gidi

Nearly Normal Calendar 2014

IMAGE: Victoria Bee

Hipster Papercut

IMAGE: Jotaká

Snask – Show what you do best

IMAGE: Annelies Clauwaert and Neil Verhavert

Map of Colombia | Fast Company Magazine

IMAGE: Carla Eráusquin Bayona


IMAGE: Oupas Design

Alimenta tu Imaginación – Sueños Plan B

IMAGE: Carla Eráusquin Bayona

Creative Lemons

IMAGE: Oupas Design

Cover Recreation

IMAGE: Anna Kleindinst

Back to Basics

IMAGE: Zim & Zou

Slow & Low

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

Ciudades Imaginarias, museo MAR

IMAGE: Estudio Guardabosques

Flora – Ice Cream Creation

IMAGE: Francesca Pasini

Kwik-Krafts / Paper Pizza Party

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

Deleve / Healthy food

IMAGE: Rendi

Paper Rain

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

Interactive Paper Craft Info Graphic

IMAGE: Dominik Langegger and Ricardo Gantschnigg

Paper Image for SOGO

IMAGE: Gail Armstrong

Papercut Artworks for Children’s Room

IMAGE: Vaclav Bicha

Share a Coke with…

IMAGE: Tommy Perez
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