50 Awesome IPad Mini Decals (Stickers)

The Mini-version of the iPad is out and ready to burn the competition with it’s lightweight and pencil-thin design. It’s bad enough that it resembles its bigger brother, but after a while you won’t be able to tell yours apart from everyone else’s. Let’s inject some attitude into the little fella, and spice up its sexy back a bit with some help from these awesome decals.

In this post, we’re going to show you just some of the awesomeness that you can get on your new iOS device, and yes, you can already buy them now. Who knows, you may even find something to match the Macbook decal you already have. By the way, we know that black has always been the ‘safe’ color to get but if you are not into monochromatic decor, do check out some of the sites that carry these decals for more vibrant alternatives.

Editor’s note: As usual, the decals are available while stocks last, and it’s best to shop around for the best prices. Check out the full list and name a favorite in the comments section!

Batman [$10.99]

Alien [$5]

Headphones [$5.49]

Apple Juice [$6.49]

I Love Fridays [$9.90]

LEGO Man [$9.99]

Evolution [$5.49]

Portal Figure [$3.49]

Wavy Scrolls [$6]

Flowers [$7.99]

Frog [$4]

Batman Mask [$3.49]

Animals [$9.90]

Crossbones [$5.99]

Camera [$9.90]

Cat [$9.90]

Cookie Monster [$9.90]

Wild Cat [$9.90]

Dog With Headphones [$9.90]

Movie Clapper Board [$9.90]

F It [$9.90]

Apple Fanatic [$9.90]

Homer Apple Brain [$9.90]

Apple Business Card [$9.90]

I Love Apple [$9.90]

Snow White [$9.90]

Cookie Monster [$9.90]

I Love Apple Pie [$7.99]

Coffee Cup [$7.99]

Pear, Apple & Pineapple [$8.99]

F Off [$8.99]

Girl With Balloons [$9.99]

Monkey Wearing Signboard [$9.99]

Bullet Through Apple [$9.99]

Apple Branch [$9.99]

Hand Picking Apple [$9.99]

Lovebird [$9.99]

Michael Jackson [$9.99]

Molecule [$9.99]

Owl [$9.99]

Pacman [$9.99]

Pen Tool [$9.99]

Skeleton Arm [$9.99]

Creation of Adam [$10.99]

Golf Club [$10.99]

Apple Tree [$9.99]

Painter [$9.90]

Early Bird [$9.99]

Elephant [$9.99]

Wings [$7.99]

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