Human Photo Manipulation: 50 Amazing Artworks

Photo manipulation is an art where ordinary photos are transformed into something alluring, unexpected and totally out of the box. It is often done by designers to express their creativity or for experimental purposes. Photoshop and GIMP are amongst the common software used for these tasks.

human photo manipuation

Photo manipulations can be done in various ways. Each manipulated photo artwork is unique and they speak the personality and style of their designer. Today, we’d like to show you a series of manipulated human-photos, probably the best of what we’ve seen so far.

Here’s a showcase of 50 Human Photo Manipulation artworks. Full list after jump.

Colorful Nature Sounds | Cimoetzcolorful nature sounds

CD Cover 7 | Marcus Lorenzet CD Cover 7

Gaia | ArchanNGaia

Livepaint | Kosmurlivepaint

My Little Pink | RICARDO FXMy Little Pink

Feel My Greatest Temptation | Fatkur Rokhimfeel my greatest temptation

Design Collage | Wilson NarakuDesign Collage

Break.IT | EspadorBreak.IT

Digital Skin | Benjamin DelacourDigital Skin

Crescendo | Jesar OneCrescendo

After 10 pm | Tariq yosefafter_10pm

Photomanipulation | Leagas Goob LuiPhotomanipulation

Beleza Pura | Roberto GamitoBeleza Pura

F7 (166) | Qwerty254 F7 (166)

Music in Motion | GrohsART!gMusic in Motion

Manny Pacquiao | OliengManny Pacquiao

Nebula | Moonshinedesign_sdNebula

Angel Smoke | Henr199Angel Smoke

Woman Souvenir | Alberto SevesoWoman Souvenir

Self Reflect | Peter JaworowskiSelf Reflect

Miss War | RICARDO FXMiss War

Ultraviolet | DigitalArts MagazineUltraviolet


Nanopao | Thomas Kim and Benjamin DelacourNanopao

Guitar Splash | Gest0ertGuitar Splash

10 20 40 | Vaporization10 20 40

60562 Wallpaper | Kubicki60562 Wallpaper

Will I Am | Lionel DeluyWill I Am

Parrot Girl | GrohsART!gParrot Girl

Life Stories | Umbrell4Life Stories

Samaritan | UltradialecticsSamaritan

EVE | AryazEVE

Come Alive | Pete Harrison and Craig Shieldscome alive

Passement Rapid | Jesar OnePassement Rapid

Contra Band | Amy NealContra Band

A Soul’s Silhouette | ZbushA Soul's Silhouette

Breakdancer | Wael.HamdanBreakdancer

So You Think You Can Splash | Stefanos MichaelidesSo You Think You Can Splash

Black Angel | UltradialecticsBlack Angel

Camera Con Vista | Alberto SevesoCamera Con Vista

Fire | Eric VasquezFire

What Color is Death | GarthimWhat Color is Death

Lebron James | WirestyleLebron James

Dragon Within | InphiDragon Within

Cartoonoportation | Myaki-rucartoonoporation

Freedom | Roberto GamitoFreedom

The Renaissance of Colors | Alberto SevesoThe Renaissance of Colors

Ecstasy | Om3rEcstasy

Michael Jackson | TropfichMichael Jackson

Creatio Ex Nihilo | Cristiano SiqueiraCreatio Ex Nihilo