How To Change Mac OS X Leopard Icons

change mac icon

[Mac only] Customizing a folder icon help it to easily stand of from the rest in a directory. In Mac, changing a folder icon is fairly easy. You can do it without assistant from any 3rd party application. Full guide after jump.

Changing a folder icon in Mac

  1. First find an icon you want to use. Here we use the Photoshop [Ps] icon as an example. Click to select the application. File -> Get Info (Command + I) to launch application info. change mac icon
  2. Click the icon to select it, Edit -> Copy (Command + C) to copy the icon.change mac icon
  3. On the icon you want to change, File -> Get Info (Command + I) to launch the folder info, click on the icon and do a Edit -> Paste (Command + V). change mac iconchange mac icon

Voila, your folder now have new look.