How to Turn Any Website into a Mac App

Turn any website into a Mac app and quickly access it via the Dock, Launchpad, or Spotlight.

Turning your website, or any website on the internet, into an app has been made easy with the latest macOS. If you spend a lot of time on a specific website or a few websites, then it’s wise to turn them into an app and then launch/visit them with just a click.

Website into Mac app

When turned into an app, it behaves exactly like one; it can reside on your dock or in your Launchpad and is also searchable in Spotlight.

Turning a website into an app is pretty straightforward. Just make sure you are on the latest macOS Sonoma, then follow these steps:

Open the website in Safari, like so.

Opening website in Safari

Click the share icon on the top right side of the browser, and select “Add to Dock“.

Adding website to Dock

In the “Add to Dock” popup window, you can change the name and even alter the website’s URL. Then click “Add“.

Add to Dock popup window

The website is instantly turned into an app. It will then appear on your dock.

App icon in Dock

It will also appear in your Launchpad.

App icon in Launchpad

It can also be searched via Spotlight. (See more Spotlight shortcut keys).

App searchable in Spotlight

When you click on the app’s icon and open the website, it looks exactly like how it would when opened with Safari, just without the bookmark bars.

Website opened as app without bookmark bars

One thing to note is that all the browser’s features are also gone when opened as an app. For example, when you right-click, you can only “Reload” the page.

Reload option in app

The next time you open the same website in Safari, it will indicate (on top) that you already have an app for it.

Indication of existing app in Safari

To remove the app from your dock, just drag it out of the dock and hold it until you see “Remove“.

Removing app from Dock

To delete the app entirely, open Finder, navigate to /Users/your_username/Applications, then delete the app.

Deleting app from system