20 Free Ebooks For Social Media Marketers

If you run a business or provide a sort of service in this day and age, it’s incredibly imporant to know how to take advantage of social media so you can build your brand and attract new customers.

While it’s not impossible to start marketing your brand on social media without any prior knowledge, it’s always good to have resources that you can refer to to help make your campaigns be as effective as possible, given the circumstances. And what better way than to read ebooks dedicated to serve as a guide into social marketing?

Here are 20 free ebooks we’ve collected that will one way or another help you get on your feet with social media marketing. Whether you’re taking your first steps in the world of marketing, especially social media marketing, or you’re a more experienced marketer looking to make the transition to social media, these free ebooks will definitely set you on the right track. All you need is the time to indulge in them.

The Definitive Guide To Getting Started With Social Media Marketing by Skadeedle

This ebook is a quick and handy guide to social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. It provides you with a lot of handy information, including glossaries explaining specific terms and concepts, some do’s and don’ts, as well tips on how best to maximize each social network.

Connecting With Your Customers: A Guide To Social Media by Beatrice Whelan

Beatrice Whelan’s ebook covers a wide range of topics related to social media marketing. Some of the topics include creating a social media plan, managing your online reputation and creating social media profiles. The book also includes invaluable advice from Krishna De, one of Ireland’s leading social media marketers.

The Essential Guide To Social Marketing Campaigns by Offerpop

If you just aren’t seeing the sort of results you want from your social marketing campaigns, you should give this ebook a read. It’s a short but content-filled five-step guide, starting from customer awareness to engagement and to eventual conversion, that will definitely improve your social marketing campaigns.

How To Win In Social Media: A Guide To Optimising Your Social Marketing Campaigns by Stuart Davidson

This ebook is a general guide to optimizing your social marketing campaigns, regardless of network. Topics discussed include the importance of research, great tools and software for social marketing, as well as ways you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

58 Social Media Tips For Content Marketing by Content Marketing Institute

This ebook contains 58 quick tips to help you market your brand on social media. The tips are for all the usual social networks, as well as some additional sites such as SlideShare, Quora and StumbleUpon. They’re accompanied by some statistics and real-world examples.

Tune Up Your Social Media Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts For Success by Dave Sotolotto

If you’ve ever wondered what you should and shouldn’t do to get the most out of marketing on social networks, this is the ebook for you. The author lists and discusses do’s and don’ts for 7 different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

An Advanced Guide To Social Media Marketing by Zesty

This ebook provides an exhaustive amount of content in its 171 pages. A major selling point is that this ebook uses real-world examples to explain social media marketing. What’s more, it discusses marketing on a lot of different social networks, from Facebook to Instagram and everything in between.

The Definitive Guide To Social Marketing by Maria Pergolino, Dayna Rothman, Jason Miller and Jon Miller

The title isn’t an exaggeration; this ebook is a thorough social marketing guide. From starting out with social marketing to social media tactics for B2B marketing, to incorporating social marketing throughout your sales pipeline, this ebook will probably answer all of your questions about social marketing and then some.

The Complete Guide To Social Media Marketing In Europe by Diana Urban

This ebook is aimed at brands looking to make a mark in Europe. Topics include creating a European social media strategy, developing a content strategy, organising your assets and channels, as well as setting up international targeting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook Content Marketing For Businesses by Nick Steeves

A one-stop guide for content marketing on Facebook, this book doesn’t just familiarize you with Facebook Pages, but also clues you in on how best to use Facebook for your brand or business. Topics include creating a posting schedule, using Facebook Ads and making the most out of Facebook Insights.

Marketing For Facebook Timeline by Todaymade

If you can’t make heads or tails of Facebook, this is the ebook for you. This ebook covers a lot of ground, starting with Facebook timeline basics, and goes on to highlight great ways you can grow your fanbase on Facebook as well as how to use Facebook Places and Facebook Ads to market your brand effectively.

Twitter Content Marketing For Business by Krista Bunskoek

This ebook will get you up to speed with marketing via Twitter in no time. From an introduction to the basics of Twitter to the various Twitter analytics services available, this ebook will come in handy. Other topics include setting goals and target markets, using promoted tweets as well as KPI’s and ROI’s for Twitter marketing.

The Complete Guide: Marketing With Twitter by Todaymade

This ebook goes through what you need to know to fully harness Twitter’s potential. The ebook discusses, amongst others, the basics of Twitter, how best to use it in order to build a following and community as well as measuring success and gaining Klout on Twitter.

The Ultimate Guide To Google+ Marketing by Justin Wong

If Google+ marketing is totally new to you, this is probably where you’ll want to start. This ebook explains Google+ marketing from start to finish, from the basics of the social network to taking advantage of Google+ Circles and Google+ Hangouts, to the positive effects Google+ can have on search engine optimization.

An Introduction To Google+ For Business: A Setup & Strategy Guide For Marketers by Jay Acunzo And Anum Hussain

This ebook is a great way to familiarize yourself with using Google+ Pages for your business. It covers the basics, such as setting up your Google+ Page, the best ways to manage it, and how to take advantage of Google+ features to help with your visibility on the Google search engine.

The Ulitmate Cheat Sheet For Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by Bob Ruffolo

Need some quick tips and information on how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for social media marketing? Have a look at this ebook. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, and the tips are sure to help anyone improve their reach and popularity on social networks.

How To Optimize And Measure Your Pinterest Business Account by Brittany Leaning

If you’re interested in using Pinterest to market your business, this ebook is definitely one you’ll be interested in reading. This ebook explains everything you need to know about optimizing Pinterest for business. From verifying your website to optimizing Pinterest for search to measuring success, this ebook leaves no stone unturned.

The Future Of Social Media: Personalizing Business By Focusing On People (Not Profiles) by Anum Hussain

This ebook shows you how to put "social" back into "social media". It gives you tips on growing your database and following, but also discusses the importance of context in social media marketing, showing how you can use social context to personalize your brand’s interaction with customers.

The Social Era Demands Social Selling by Hearsay Social

Instead of chasing large numbers of Facebook likes, this ebook argues that businesses should focus on the human and social aspects in order to grow their businesses. To this end, the ebook provides tips on getting started on social selling, as well as five tips on being a good social salesperson.

Listen Up! The Definitive Guide To Social Listening For Smarter Business by Leslie Nuccio

This ebook is a guide to social listening, and covers important topics such as finding the most important online conversations, word-of-mouth marketing, using social media to guide marketing targets and starting your own viral marketing memes.