15 Free Ebooks For Mobile App Developers

Developing mobile apps for smartphones and portable devices can be a very rewarding pursuit, but given the fact that there are so many apps on both Android and iOS markets right now, it’s really inadvisible to just go in blind and start developing without having a solid grasp of the fundamentals. Whether it’s the actual coding itself, monetization or user interface and UX design, it’s always a good thing to get a solid grasp of the basics and the do’s and don’ts before embarking on app development.

To this end, here’s a list of 15 free ebooks for mobile app developers, about topics ranging from general app design practices to OS-specific development guides. While most of the best app development ebooks are premium ebooks, the ebooks here should still prove useful, regardless of experience level.

IOS Succinctly

By Ryan Hodson

This ebook packs a fair bit of information in its 118 pages, and is definitely an essential read for anyone interested or currently engaged in developing apps for iOS. Ryan Hodson covers all the basics you need to know and then some, including iOS basics, multi-scene applications, audio and a few other essential topics.

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Objective-C Succinctly

By Ryan Hodson

This ebook is a companion to the iOS Succinctly ebook, and discusses the primary programming language that underpins all things Mac, iPad and iOS, Objective-C. This ebook is an in-depth read and discusses everything you’ll need or want to know about Objective-C. Topics discussed include data types, memory management, protocols and error handling.

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Android On X86: An Introduction To Optimizing For Intel Architecture

by Iggy Krajci and Darren Cummings

This ebook is targeted at both developers and individuals or enterprises interested in using Android x86 as an application platform. To this end, this ebook starts out with nontechnical topics such as the history of Android and the mobile landscape before getting down to the nitty gritty, discussing topics such as performance optimization for x86, NDK and C++ optimization and performance testing.

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3 Easy Steps To Monetize Android Apps With Ads

by AppFlood

Mobile apps can be a great source of revenue if you know how to monetize them properly. It’s easy to get things wrong, but if you get it right the results can be amazing. In this ebook, AppFlood guides you through three steps to monetize your free Android app using ads. Topics include setting your goals, choosing your ad formats and analyzing and optimizing your ad campaigns.

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Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps

by Microsoft

This ebook contains a wealth of suggested patterns and practices for you to follow when designing a mobile web application. Across more or less 100 pages, the ebook discusses important topics such as choosing between a web or native experience, choosing devices, delivering mobile-friendly experiences and testing your app on multiple devices.

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Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy

by Enough Software

The title is grand, but the content does live up to the title to an extent. This ebook is a wide-ranging look at almost anything related to mobile app development out there. From the various mobile OSes on the market today – Firefox OS and Tizen included – to pertinent issues such as accessibility, application security and monetization, this ebook is definitely a must-read.

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Native Vs Web Vs Hybrid

by Ishan Anand and Dave Wasmer

If you’re a developer, you’re probably aware of the whole debate that’s been going on between native apps, web apps and, more recently, the new hybrid approach. It’s a complex issue, and this ebook is here to help try and make things a bit clearer. The authors discuss each approach independently, highlighting the pros and cons of each, as well as including tips and links to APIs and development tools.

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How To Make An App: HTML5 Mobile Edition

by Randall Cronk and Morgan Bickle

If you’re considering using HTML5 to build your mobile app, you could do worse than read this ebook to make sure you’re on the right path. You’ll find a quick run through the web vs native debate, but beyond that you’ll also find a discussion on the tools you can use to develop HTML5 apps as well as an example HTML5 app you can build to hone your HTML5 knowledge.

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Expert Advice On Building Successful Mobile Apps

by Mobiversal

This ebook provides a wealth of expert advice on building successful mobile apps that will probably prove invaluable to any mobile app developers regardless of experience level. This ebook is divided into multiple chapters touching on different topics such as app design and UX as well as the iOS vs Android debate, and includes advice from representatives from Appetizer Mobile, Fueled and Mobiers.

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Mobile Book Of Trends 2014

by Marcin Treder, Adam Pachucki, Adam Zielonko and Kamil Lukasiewicz

This ebook is an essential read for any app developers that are wondering about the latest trends in app interface and UX design, as well as some things to look out for in the near future. The authors discuss almost everything you’ll need to know, from mature typography and flat design to microinteractions to newer fields such as wearable computers and mobile-powered customers.

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The App Design Handbook

by Appsbuilder

This quick handbook provides some handy suggestions on designing the icon and splash image for your app. This handbook discusses both app icons and splash images, why they’re so important as well as some very important do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing app icons. These may seem like small details, but in a crowded app market it’s the small details that can make or break your app.

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Mobile UX Design: Top Mistakes To Avoid

by Appsee

This ebook explains and discusses five of the top mistakes developers often make when it comes to the UX design of their apps. The information contained may not be ground-breaking, but they’re still very pertinent reminders of things that app developers can sometimes forget or overlook, such as overloading apps with unused features and unresponsive gestures.

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Mobile Game Design

by Chroma Coders

Mobile gaming is definitely one of the hottest forms of gaming today. If you’ve ever thought about getting in on the mobile gaming market while the going’s good, give this ebook a read. The design is simplistic, but the content is excellent and covers topics such as SDKs, publishing to app stores, as well as traditional and hidden mobile game mechanics.

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Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development

by Anwar Ludin

BlackBerry might not be nearly as ubiquitous as it used to be, but there are still compelling reasons to develop for the platform; this ebook is a great way to get started on developing or porting your apps to the platform. Touching on fundamental topics such as Qt, C++ and the Cascades UI framework, this ebook will get you developing for BlackBerry 10 in no time.

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Windows Phone 8 Development Succinctly

by Matteo Pagani

This might just be one of the most exhaustive guides to developing for Windows Phone 8 currently available. The author takes you through everything you need to know to develop for the platform, including topics such as app distribution, live apps features, hardware and OS integration, not forgetting all the basic core concepts and XAML.

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