20 Free SEO Ebooks to Improve Your Website

The field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is changing at a very fast pace. The era of yearly algorithm updates has pretty much ended. These days, Google algorithms hit on monthly or even weekly basis and without even a warning causing dramatic changes in ranking and altering the SEO practices.

With so much hurly-burly going on in the SEO world, it becomes important to keep your SEO knowledge up to date, and for that, there’s no other source better and more accessible than e-books.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 20 e-books to update your know-how about latest SEO practices that you can download and read for free. So, let’s go over this list and see what each e-book has to offer.

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Link Building Strategies for 2017

This e-book features 13 SEO tactics on how to build backlinks, improve your SEO strategy and drive traffic to your website. In this e-book, you’ll get to know how to find backlinks opportunities in “best of” roundups, submit your website to feedback sites, to use moving man, and much more.


SEO Foundations for Small Business Owners

SEO recommendations in this e-book will come in handy for entrepreneurs and business owners. It includes popular SEO tools, local SEO, and a number of practical tips to try today. If you’re about to start a new business or launch the very first website in your life, this e-book will be extremely useful.


E-commerce SEO: The Definitive Guide

This guide is one of the best on e-commerce SEO you can find on the web today. It contains everything you need to know from keywords to technical SEO aspects, and how to turn users into clients. You can read this guide online or download a nice PDF version, read or keep it for later.


The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

If you’re new not only to SEO but to link building practices as well, this guide will help you understand this both things. You’ll get to know what is link building, why it’s so important for SEO, what links mean for Google, and how link building can benefit your business.


The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

This e-book has been created to teach you SEO in quite and easy way. It provides a basic knowledge about SEO and its main aspects.


SEO Tutorial for Beginners in 2017 (Updated)

An e-book to tell you everything you need to know about white hat SEO. Here you’ll get to know what is SEO, how to drive traffic to your site, what is user experience and how to improve it, ranking factors, keyword research and much more. This is 4th modified and updated version of the e-book first published 7 years ago.


DIY SEO: A Beginner’s Guide to E-commerce Website Optimization

If you’re about to open an online store or already have one, you would want your products to be easily found in search engine results, don’t you? This e-book will guide you through keyword research, on-page SEO, blogging, meta tags, networking, social media, digital marketing and more.


Inbound Marketing: The Intro to SEO

This 22-pages e-book will teach you what is SEO, how to create a good SEO strategy for your business, understand the structure of on-page SEO, learn best practices of off-page SEO, and use social media effectively. You’ll also get to know how to use Google Adwords, Google Incognito tab, check your ranking and start making right decisions.


Technical SEO for Web Developers

This is a serious 80-pages SEO e-book for software developers working on both small or complex projects. The ebook is accompanied with links to useful SEO tools, real-life example to inspire you and helpful charts. You’ll learn SEO for new websites and existing old websites.


The Advanced Guide to SEO

This guide is written by Neil Patel the guru of SEO marketing, and it’s not a usual e-book. The guide is made in a format of infographics with illustrations, charts, images, and graphics. This guide is divided into 9 chapters and is one of the most detailed advanced SEO guides on the web. It tells about SEO basics, site speeds, SEO for WordPress, keyword research and more.


SEO in 2015: The GoDaddy Pro eBook

An e-book created by the famous web hosting provider GoDaddy, it’s an in-depth guide for designers, developers, and marketers who want to learn the art of SEO from the inside. The ebook consists 60 of pages of information with tons of references, tips, examples and useful SEO checklists.


Little Blue Link Building Book

This free e-book by Ahrefs is here to help you with white hat link building. It includes 12 parts telling you about creating visuals, spying on competitors, guest blogging, PR, social sharing, broken link building, and much more. Each part is accomplished with recommended tools and links for further reading.


Link Building: The Definitive Guide

Black hat SEO days are gone, and even if some of these techniques may work today, they are not as effective as they used to be. This guide which can be downloaded in PDF is actually a collection of the best articles on link building starting from fundamentals to content marketing, email marketing, and case studies.


How to Build High-Quality Backlinks with Infographics

Have you ever known you can build high-quality backlinks with visuals, for example, infographics? This quick free e-book will guide you through the process of creating infographics that can go viral, promoting it using different social media sites and guest blogging.


A Complete Guide to SEO for Musicians

Apparently, SEO for different industries and kinds of business is different. This SEO ebook is crafted specifically for musicians. It will tell you about SEO strategy to apply for your brand, share easy-to-follow advice, illustrations and screenshots.


The Ultimate SEO Guide for Tour & Activity Companies

This e-book is written specifically for tour and activity companies who are looking for methods to improve their SEO. Here you’ll find basics of SEO, content marketing, link building and a step-by-step SEO checklist of what to do next.


Everything You Need to Know About Long Tail Keywords

This brief yet powerful e-book features strategies for choosing and using long tail keywords for your website. If you know what queries your potential clients use to find a specific product or service, eventually, you would know how to match your content to them.


Link Building: How to Build Links for SEO, traffic and response

For those of you who want their business to be found online, you need to have content with proper keywords and backlinks. This long in-depth 130-pages e-book will tell you about content, creating an online community around your brand, writing for search engines, online PR, networking, and promotion.


7 Golden Rules of Link Building

Here is one more guide on link building telling about building trust, anchor text, no-follow links, relevant content, spam, and PageRank. A quick guide with lots of interesting information. Use the pop-up window to fill in your email address and get your bonus e-book.

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