25 Fantasy Bedrooms Geeks Would Die For

Having a themed bedroom is a dream of every geek (check here for signs of whether you are a geek yourself). That’s the personal space where a geek’s interests and passion is reflected in privacy. We’re not talking about movie posters or those you rip out of magazines, or a measly figurine collection that could hardly be called ‘a collection’. That’s mere child’s play.

No, what we want to see are the bedrooms of the No.1 Fans out there. The rooms you as a megafan could only dream of sleeping in. Where the walls, bedsheets, lighting fixtures, furniture, floor, right down to the pillows are made with the fantasy theme in mind. Because at the end of the day, what could be more fun than entering your very own world at night and waking from your fantasy dream every morning?

Be you pirate or wizard, jedi or gamer, these are the 25 fantasy-themed bedrooms to die for.

Superman. (Image Source: Home Decor)

Superman. (Image Source: Home Decor)

Spiderman. (Image Source: ThemeRooms)

Batman. (Image Source: eden-motel)

X-Men. (Image Source: Victoria Court)

Star Wars. (Image Source: Walls Of Art LLC Muralist)

Star Wars. (Image Source: damngeeky)

Star Wars. (Image Source: Mary)

Space Geek. (Image Source: madincrafts)

Space. (Image Source: Houzz)

Deep Space Fighter. (Image Source: PoshTots)

Hyperspace. (Image Source: HLK)

Airplane Cockpit. (Image Source: Apartment Therapy)

Legoland Pirate. (Image Source: California Legoland)

Legos Inspired. (Image Source: Anita Roll Murals)

Super Mario. (Image Source: nocagri)

Super Mario. (Image Source: PixFans)

Pacman. (Image Source: Anita Roll)

Hello Kitty. (Image Source: Grand Hi-Lai)

Narnia. (Image Source: imgur)

The Portal Game. (Image Source: The Portal Bedroom)

The Hobbit. (Image Source: Florian)

Harry Potter. (Image Source: cosmosmagic)

Harry Potter. (Image Source: iTrip)

Hogwarts. (Image Source: piercethepanic69)