Draw Something: Doodles That Go to Extremes [PICS]

I have never been much of an artist. Ask me to draw a cat and you may end up with a picture of a horse that looks like it is high on something. I’ve since left my artistic side to wither in a corner so it can die a lonely, peaceful death. It wasn’t until I’ve heard of, tried out and have since been suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of being away from Draw Something by OMGPOP that I figure that there is still hope for people like me. But I digress.

Branded as the fastest growing social drawing and guessing game, Draw Something (also known as Draw My Thing n some platforms) pits your drawing skills against your game partner’s ability to guess your scribbles and doodles. For some it’s an addictive game to help pass the time, for others, it’s another platform to showcase their amazing doodling skills, I-kid-you-the-heck-not.

If you think that these 25 "Draw Something" artworks are anything less than masterpieces, go download the game from their Facebook page, have a run or two at the game, then come back and appreciate them a second time.













"Hong Kong"







"Ping Pong"






Seen Better?

Have you come across or do you have your own Draw Something doodles that you think can top the ones shown here? Do share it in the comments section below.