Create Folders of Different Colors in Windows [Quicktip]

You have faced the same yellow folder icon on Windows for a long time, with minor changes to perhaps the size and shape, but not the color – and there is not a single option that allows you to change it. With hundreds of folders within folders, it’s definitely not easy to spot the folder you are looking for at any point in time.

Changing the color of the folder icon could help you spot and differentiate folders easily, rather than just depend on the folder name.

Coloring a folder icon may not be possible on Windows, but not anymore with Folder Colorizer, a desktop application that will enable you to change the color of your folder icons and help reorganize your folders.

Install Folder Colorizer

Download Folder Colorizer to your computer. Once downloaded, run the FolderColorizerSetup.exe file, read the License Agreement and click ‘Next’ if you agree.

If you agree, you can now proceed with the installation, so click the ‘Install Now’ button.

If in the middle of installation you are requested to activate Microsoft Dot Net 3.0 Framework. You may need to download the Dot Net 3.0 framework, open the package, read the terms of the License Agreement and if you accept, click on the ‘Install’ button.

Click ‘Yes’ to proceed with the installation of Colorizer.

That’s it, installation is now complete. You are ready to add color to your desktop.

Coloring Folder icon

To start differentiating your folder, select any folder icon you want to change the color of, right click on it, select ‘Colorize!’ and then pick any preset color.

Once you have selected a color for your folder, your folder icon color will change automatically from the standard yellow to the color you picked.

If you need to use custom colors, right click again, select ‘Colorize!’ and select ‘Custom…’

From the window, pick any color you want to use, then click on ‘Add Color’.

This custom color will be saved as a preset color, so the next time you want to use it, you can select it straight from the list.

Restore Default icon color

Should you decide to restore the original color of your folder icon, right click on the folder, select ‘Colorize!’ and pick ‘Restore original color’.

The changes will be made immediately, and you will see that the color of your folder icon has returned to the original yellow.


With Folder Colorizer, you can now colorize your folder icons to make it easier for you to reorganize differentiate your folders. You can even categorize your folders based on the type of contents and set what color to use for each category, so the next time when you need to find them, it will be easier for you to spot them.