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5 Ways to Make Passive Income For Freelance Designers

Each day, more and more freelancer designers are looking for a way to earn more money than the usual client work or full-time position they have. In the following article we will discuss a lot of ways how you can earn more from being a freelance designer. The one true weapon a freelancer has is total freedom on how to manage their time and work. That can be put to good use to diversify the income streams. There is more than one way to make a buck on the Internet.... Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Favicons

Online business veterans know it's the little things that set a company apart from the competition. Newbies will quickly learn that fact! No matter what your level of expertise, there are certain things you are probably overlooking when it comes to your website's design. The perfect example is your site's favicon. Do you know what a favicon is? Are you using yours effectively?... Continue reading