30 Catastrophic Design Fails

Designers do not get enough love from the people they work with. Sometimes they make it look so easy that you’d go, “Hey, I can do that too.” These 30 examples will show you that some people are born to design, and others will just give you a brain aneurysm.

Some of the featured designs are terrible even for the 90s, some were just made by randomingly picking and throwing Word Art elements into the mix. Others are just utterly hilarious and horrifying. All in all, this roundup is a good example of why businesses and institutions should probably hire professional graphic artists and web designers to do their design work for them.

Are you ready to cringe and facepalm super hard? You’ve been warned.

1. Mobile (“Computer Repair”) Doctor

A computer repair service’s website that does not inspire confidence because of their terrible copy. It should also be a crime to have that many (parentheses) and "double quotes" in the same confined space.

IMAGE: KingOctavious

2. Fun Bad Poster

An actual poster for a local pizzeria in Boston.

IMAGE: epifight

3. Lazy Yet Subtle Karaoke Poster

Overuse of text art from the 90s.

IMAGE: MeganCool

4. Forced Acronym Award Nominee

Kids, this is not how acronyms work. This is how anti-acronyms work.

IMAGE: websafepallet

5. Rape Guts? Rape Huts?

This copy was doing so well and then the designer decided to get stylish with letters.

IMAGE: Dabbijo

6. Designed to Give Eyestrains

Don’t you feel like hitting a brick wall?

IMAGE: idvck

7. That Tongue

Everything about the placement of that tongue is inappropriate.

IMAGE: AnnaleeHouston

8. DeSiGn LiKe A fOUrtEen YeArOLd

Whoever thought that alternating cases helps with text needs a good shaking.

IMAGE: DerpyWebber

9. Another Nominee For The Most Forced Acronym Award

That’s not how ANY of this works. And what is a flexible air interface?

IMAGE: the_droid

10. Doing Things With Cans Are Illegal

We know littering is illegal but there seems to be something more happening with this can here. Just avoid cans, period.

IMAGE: ChrisMcKormick

11. Overusing Memes

Please do not abuse memes in an attempt to be “current”.

IMAGE: xiroxas

12. Chef’s Hat?

A fine example of a Freudian design slip.

IMAGE: 1morepic_really

13. School Logo

While there isn’t anything really wrong with the logo, it isn’t something that would inspire professionalism.

IMAGE: pablocomotion

14. Registration Form Fail

A registration form that is obstructed by a rogue element. We are already living in a post-non-responsive website world, folks.

IMAGE: No_Eulogies_for_Bob

15. Bedsheet Background

Another fine relic of the past, only worse: a repeating background that takes too much attention, heavy borders and glaring colors.

IMAGE: MrDoodleston

16. WiFi Logo Fail

Can you spot it? This isn’t the logo for WiFi access.

IMAGE: namboozle

17. Family Advocacy Program

A self-defeating acronym for an organization that promotes family values.

IMAGE: IAteMy_____

18. ChURrch

What’s missing here is a good proofreader.

IMAGE: KevlarYarmulke

19. Barff

Aside from the vomitous name, the opacity of the letters are terrible.

IMAGE: -highpriestessoftea-

20. Catholic University Magazine

An unfortunate acronym from Catholic University Magazine, coupled with terrible layouting skills.

IMAGE: TheRighteousTyrant

21. Inky Website Design Fail

Can you guess what the name of this website is? Go ahead, give it a shot. There’s at least a dozen clues.

IMAGE: Private Reserve Ink

22. Writer and Illustrator’s Website

That does not inspire confidence when it comes to their creativity.


23. Who Comes Who What Now?

I can’t even place a good title for this one, the typography is simply terrible in many instances. It’s unreadable!

IMAGE: vis-cera

24. The Eat

Everyone loves to eat, but only the designer of this mug knows that that should be “cat”.

IMAGE: letsgoforit

25. Website Stock Photo Fail

There isn’t much to say except for one note for designers: always double and triple check your stock photos.

IMAGE: PrivilegedGlimpse

26. Kickboxing Turned Racist

For a world that expects everyone to be politically correct, designers should also observe the custom. In this case, a wholesome logo just supported white supremacism.

IMAGE: Frusciante

27. It’s Not It’s Me You

Another prime example of a typography design fail.

IMAGE: thecaptian777

28. News Website Design Fail

This is one good reason why people use Adblock. Remember, if your design looks great, but ads are on the way, or it’s just everywhere, people will leave your site immediately.

IMAGE: abledanger

29. Unfortunate Reflection

Before playing with reflections, maybe make sure the end result doesn’t spell something new and entirely inapporpriate.

IMAGE: SleepySheepy

30. Is This Real?

IMAGE: lo_and_be

How are you feeling so far? Should we call the cops or an ambulance? How did these designs make you feel? Any more design fails to share?

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