30+ High Quality Metallic Texture, Pattern, Brushes And Photoshop Tutorials

Most textures and patterns don’t look attractive in raw or when they are standalone, and these metallic ones are certainly no exceptional. However, with the right mixtures (and some creativity), these raw materials could output you some of the nicest metallic-themed design. If you are looking to create some realistic metallic design, here’s a collection of Metallic Textures, Pattern, Brushes and Photoshop Tutorial that could come in handy.

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Brushes and Patterns

Arc’s Rivets + Metal Brushes
by Arcy-is-distracted
138 Custom Photoshop Brushes, includes Rivets, Screw-heads, Bolt-heads, Metal seams, Metal seams w/ rivets, Complete Panels, Vents, Holes and more.

Barbed Wire brush
by Cat-in-the-Stock
Two barbed wire brushes.

Bullet Holes Brushes
by redheadstock
A set of brushes made up of various types of bullet holes.

Spiderman Pattern
by s0nkite

Metal Set
by for-certain
9 metal texture brush set.

Metal Mesh Brush
by SocioBunneh
High quality metal mesh brushes.

Idyllic’s -Metal- Brushes
by Chalob

Gears Vectors Brushes
by redheadstock
34 brushes for Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+

Carbon Sheets
by idealhut

Cool Metal Texture
by skipgo


Black Metal Texture
by GrungeTextures
Closeup of pattern on surface of old black metal.

by stock.xchng

Foil 1
by Dori-Stock

ULV Metal plate
by enframed

Metallic Holes Texture
by LeMex

Metallic Grid Texture
by FantasyStock

Metal Pattern
by Thousandhands

Metal Texture
by wojtar-stock

Metal Stock
by CausticStock

Metal Floor
by loner654

Metal Grunge Set
by Dominick-AR
11 metal grunge brushes.

Metal Fence texture
by JayL-stock
This texture has been packed on a zip, the package contains diffuse.tga, opacity.tga and a diffuse.jpg.

Photoshop Tutorials

Create Carbon Fibre Pattern
by hongkiat

Texturing and Painting Metal
by Noise-Less
Painting a metal nut.

How to Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in Photoshop
by Wojciech Pijecki
This tutorial will show you how to create the 3D text shape and give it a high quality metal look using pure Photoshop.

Creating a Cool Brushed Metal Surface in Photoshop
by Fabio
How to create the brushed aluminum texture similar to the Apple products.