11 Interesting Google Interface You Never See Before

Searching with Google can be fun too sometimes, see what you end up with by searching with these following keywords. Here’s how these tricks work:

  1. Type in the keywords
  2. Hit I’m feeling lucky
  3. Observe the result
  4. Reset back to www.google.com, try the next keyword

Here are the keywords and their result pages.

  1. keyword: google gothic

  2. keyword: google cheese

    After hitting on "I’m Feeling Lucky", you will be brought to moon.google.com. Zoom the map to maximum.

  3. keyword: google l33t

  4. keyword: elgoog

  5. keyword: linux

  6. keyword: bsd

  7. keyword: google ewmew

  8. keyword: google klingon

  9. keyword: google piglatin

  10. keyword: google easter egg

  11. keyword: google bork